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Examples of time steps as a framework for improvisation
By martyCTT
On Wed May 27, 2009 09:43 AM
Edited by martyCTT (205876) on 2009-05-27 10:06:53

Just as the title says.

Timestep definition: 3 identical(for the most part) phrases and a break.

Improvisation: stealin steps, tradin, whatever you want to call it, this is the root of our artform.

Remember without structure though, we have no clarity. We make people understand through our clarity.

One structure we can use in improvisation or choreography is the timestep. Not just the timestep as a stand alone, but more so we can take the musical ideas or structure of the timestep and apply that to what we are doing. Specific steps from your timestep can also be used to jump start another musical idea- great when you are doing improvisation and really have a brain fart haha. Always have something to fall back on. . . .
-Ok, at the beginning of this clip, Jason is coming off of this pretty common timestep. You can see at least two bars of it on this video, and when he hits the break after like 4 counts just heads off into some other direction. He comes back to the idea of this timestep at about 3:19, looks like he's just using as a transition to another musical idea.
-At 4:35 Jason starts hitting this sweet over the top combo- 3 phrases and a break if you didn't notice! This reinforces the idea that timesteps are more than just step hop step flap step.
-Nerve tap contest at 6:15, lol.
-AT 7:10, I would say Chloe's whole section here is framed by her timestep's musical ideas. . . .
-Bril Barret, what can I say. This guy incorporates timesteps into his improv beautifully. Almost every time he goes hes using some musical idea from the timesteps, though alot of the time he throws in aaba patterns, or aab and then some crazy stuff.
-Andrew is pure rhythm, not as much melody but at about 3:00 when they start getting on the same page he starts latching on to Bril's timing.
*Both really nice guys, and read up on Andrew Merrigan, this is from Tap into a Cure show which he founded. All procedes go to good causes.* . . .
-This is choreography, but I think its worthy to note Diane improvises like she choreographs- smooth as a baby's bottom.
-At about 2:00 she is doing some thirds with the phrasing of a timestep but in an aaba pattern (or aab crazy stuff pattern)
-If you watch like the whole first minute and really pay attention to the phrasing, there are these beautiful long phrases ( oh hey and a break!).

More to come, especially the old timers!

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re: Examples of time steps as a framework for improvisation
By blochpointesalltmember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Wed May 27, 2009 11:39 AM
Those videos sort of made me remember why I love to tap.

Thanks for posting.


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