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Results from ADA
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On Fri Jun 19, 2009 08:29 AM

Hi. I finally decided to post every single result from ADA this season. : ) We will be going off to Nationals in FL this July, and I am wicked excited!!

A Birds Song: Lyrical: UG, Junior Dancer of the Year
August Rush (The Music I Hear): Lyrical(male): UG, Junior Dancer of the Year
Bohemian: Jazz(male): G
Childhood: Ballet: G
Dream: Lyrical: UG
Dog Day Afternoon: Modern (male): UG, Teen Dancer of the year
Mind Control: Hip Hop (male): UG
Once Upon a Time in America: Open(male): UG, Dancer of the year
Love Makes you Beautiful: Open(male): UG, Dancer of the year
Mother to Son: Open(male): UG, Dancer of the Year
In the Middle: Lyrical(male): UG, Teen Dancer of the Year
Poem for a Small Boy: Open(male): UG, Teen Dancer of the year
January Stars: Tap: UG, Dancer of the Year
Carousel: Musical Theatre: UG
Eh Cumpari: Musical Theatre: G
Aria for a Dustrag: Musical Theatre: UG
Heroes and Friends: Lyrical: UG, Teen Dancer of the Year
A Nurse's Diary: Ballet: UG
Ne me Quitte Pas: Modern: UG
Abandoning Confinement: Modern: UG
Maleka: Modern: UG
Better: Open: G
Prayer and Passing: Open: UG
Moonlight Sonata: Open: UG, Dancer of the Year
Siren: Open: UG
Metamorphisis: Open: UG
Mad Rush: Open: UG
Nostalgia: Open: UG
I Can Tell You More: Open: UG

Two of a Kind: Musical Theater(female, female):UG, 1st place overall duo/trio 12&under
Forever Friends: Lyrical (female, male): UG
Mission Impossible: Jazz (female, male): UG
In the Trade: Tap (female, male): UG
Free Fallin: Tap (female, male): UG
Insomniacs: Musical Theatre (female, female): UG
Yin Yang: Open (male, male): UG 1st place overall duo/trio 13&over
Love on the Wing: Open (female, female, male): UG
Soul Man: Jazz (male, male): UG
Pearl of Somalia: Modern (female, male): UG Diamond Choreography Award
Courtship: Lyrical (female, male): UG
Dreaming With a Broken Heart: Open (female, male): UG

Peanut Butter and Jelly: Jazz: UG, 1st place overall small group 12&under
The Dogwalker: Musical Theatre: UG
Java Jive for Five: Musical Theatre: UG
The Raven: Tap: G
First Love: Open: UG
Dark Eyes (Hermana Danza): Open: UG, 1st place overall small group 13&over
Brotherhood (Dias de Iyawo): Modern: UG
Meanwhile: Open: UG

Ribbit: Open: G
Owl Song: Tap: G
Times They Are a Changin: Open: UG
That Charlie Chaplin Walk: Musical Theatre: UG, 1st overall large group 12&under
Cows: Musical Theatre: UG
Love (Looking for Your Face): Open: UG
Denke: Modern: G
A Time for Change: Modern: G
Here We Are: Modern: UG
Revolution: Ballet: G

Sugar Plum Fairy: Ballet: UG
Peanuts (Linus and Lucy Theme): Ballet: G
At the Ball (Viva): Tap: UG
Earth's Vibrations: Modern: G
Dance to the Music: Tap: G
Rhyme in Rythm: Musical Theatre: UG, Diamond Choreography Award, 1st place overall 12&under
Tipping Scales: Modern: UG
Safari Party: Jazz: UG
Speakeasy: Musical Theatre: UG
Art of Life (Come In!): Open: UG, Diamond Choreography Award 13&over
A Prom to Remember: Musical Theatre: UG, Diamond Choreography Award 13&over, 1st place overall 13&over