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Water Balloon Darts- Help please!
By PlumeriaPremium member
On Sun Jun 21, 2009 06:37 PM

So, I want to fill up water balloons with paint and tape them to a big piece of canvas. Then I would throw darts at them and it would be a beautiful mess. I already know where I'm going to do this at, but I'm not sure how to fill the balloons up with paint. I tried putting a water balloon hook thing (can't remember the name) on the water balloon and then pouring the paint down it. But it just got all over the place.

Any suggestions? I am having a couple of friends over and I REALLY wanted to do this with them.

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re: Water Balloon Darts- Help please!
By ShadowLunaCatPremium member
On Fri Jun 26, 2009 08:14 PM
My best suggestion, find a WATER-BASED paint that pours really easily.. well, it's possible to add water to it.. ;)

Next, get a standard, kitchen-size funnel, such as what you would use to pour over juice from one container to another...

Pour the pain through the funnel into the balloon, after you have pre-stretched out the balloon.

It would be good if you had ONE hand holding the balloon tightly to the side of the funnel, while the other hand Oh-so-gently pours in the paint.

And, wear clothing that you don't mind getting a bit.. stained.
I'm sure while you fill those first ones.. you might be in some peril (which is part of the fun) of maybe a balloon or two exploding... Pour them slowly.

I'd use the smallest balloons available.. and, space them out on the board where there is a good inch or two between them.. once they're filled.

I would wear: plastic gloves... latex-free, if you have sensitive skin, and either a rain poncho.. or some sort of waterproof drape, and clothing that you don't mind getting painty.

Oh! [sing songs] I want pic-tures! I want pictures! :D :]

Darts.. well, those guys are sharp... but, I think any gaming shop would have them.....

Walmart, probably.. and the dealers will have all sorts of special colors and styles of fletchings.. those are for those people who throw darts for competition.....

If I may suggest.....
this is from being on archery and riflery competitions (when my eyes were still good...)

Have a roped off area for the standees.. so they stand BEHIND, thus hopefully out of the current thrower's line of sight and possible aim. This also helps prevent any possibility distraction to that person who is up and trying to "bag" a balloon.

But, from archery competitions in the past, you would not BELIEVE all the angles that those arrow flew! The safest place? Right behind the archer who was "Up."

Plus, making sure that no one walks around near where the space is, that will be having Unrestrained Flying Darts going all over the place!


I hope that made sense.

I'm kinda out of it right now.

If you didn't understand.. tell me,.. and I'll rephrase.

the trick about filling up balloons with paint.... you Don't fill them up all the way.. so that you can do a knot in the neck before you grab the thumbtack to affix them to the board.

Good luck!

And, as I said.. give me a holler, if there are things you don't understand.

Le Out of It Shadow.


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