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First open platform feis in Texas held Dec. 13 in Houston. by rttew
There is also an open platform feis in Oklahoma City Nov. 13, and one in New Orleans early in 2015....

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Anybody got a blog? en>fr fr>en
By dk1045 Comments: 135, member since Fri Feb 16, 2007
On Sat Jul 18, 2009 02:22 PM

I know this is kind of werid but I am looking for a New York Dancer's blog I can follow. I think I could learn a lot about the industry from a dancers point of view. If you guys have one write down the link. Maybe even your twitter accounts.

I have a blog deekearney.tumblr.com I just started it. There isn't much about dance on it yet but there will be. Feel free to follow me =)