hair changing
By Sumayah
On 07/19/2009 12:40:36
Hello all! I'm posting here early but I figure 29 is gonna be 30-something soon enough. :/ My question to you all, have you noticed that as you've gotten older your hair has changed in texture and type? When I was younger my hair was super thick and pretty straight. The underside would corkscrew and the middle had a bit of wave but the top layer was straight as a board. Recently I've noticed my hair is getting more and more curly. Not just the corkscrews underneath, it's getting wavier thru all the layers and my hair has gotten finer. Now when I brush it out, it just looks frizzy because it doesn't know what to do. Has this happened to anyone else and what should I do for my now curlyish hair?
re: hair changing
By hvoinvincible
On 07/22/2009 20:47:09
Well, I am actually a bit younger, but I had straight hair my entire life until I was 19 and then it just got curlier and curlier, and still is. The female body changes on a hormonal level about every 7 years and this is the main reason for hair change. I found this out by asking around and then learned about it formally as a biology major! Good Luck! It's a pain at first, but once you figure it out, curly is fun!
re: hair changing
By kandykane
On 07/22/2009 21:44:08
Mine changed. First it turned gray in my late 30s. Lost my lovely chestnut color. I started hair color. Highlights that have gotten heavier over the years. I think that changed my hair more than anything. My hair is not as straight and silky as it used to be. It has gotten more body and does seem to be curlier. I have layers cut to maximize the curl and keep it just past shoulder length. A little scrunch is all I need. I only brush it before I wash it. And I never blow dry anymore. You just have to learn to work with it. kk~
re: hair changing
By Flashnflaky
On 08/09/2009 18:24:54
I ended up with curly hair at about the age of 15...everyone thought I got a perm during Christmas break! Seriously, though, my hair has gotten thinner and finer as I've gotten older and it sucks. I now have 2 small braids smaller than my thumb...I guess I'm just happy that it's curly (so it looks like a lot more). To deal with curly hair: get rid of your brush! What you want to do is keep the curls all nice and defined, and a brush will just make it fuzzy and fluffy. I use a brush only in the shower, once I've got lots of conditioner in there. Otherwise, I just comb it out (with a wide-toothed comb) after a shower and then use my fingers. I use a shine /anti-frizz serum (just a dab) and work it in with my fingers. Then I put a bit of gel in with my fingers and scrunch it. I also sometimes blow dry while scrunching, if I need more volume. Now, my hair is probably curlier than yours, so it needs a bit more care to keep it from getting frizzy, but you could try what I do and see if it helps. Don't feel bad...most people's hair changes as they age and I know lots of people with curly hair that just don't know what to do with it. It just takes practice and finding the right products (for cleaning AND styling) that work for your hair.
re: hair changing
By Jayniieee
On 08/09/2009 21:28:57
Ahhhh I feel your pain :) Firstly - step away from the brush (save this for just before washing your hair); embrace the wide toothed comb (but also only with wet hair). From now on if your hair is dry you cannot touch it (except with extra styling product and wet hands). Secondly accept that you will from now on always be on the hunt for the magical product that will perfectly tame your waves / curls. Next check out these two sites for lots of helpful hints (the videos on Jessicurl are particularly good). The naturally curly site makes a big deal about using products without silicones however you might find this a bit overwhelming since you're just getting used to styling curly hair. I'd suggest first finding a routine that gets your hair as you like it (whatever the silicone content) and then if you want trialing non-silicone products. Goodluck :)
re: hair changing
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