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Kanggangsuallae Workshop
By Princess_KarenPremium member Comments: 13, member since Wed Aug 30, 2006
On Sun Jul 26, 2009 08:39 PM

Kanggangsuallae Workshop
with Karen Kriegel
Saturdays, 1:30 – 2:30 pm
Sep. 12 – Oct. 3
4 Sessions
Prepaid: $80
Per Session: $25

KANGGANGSUALLAE [Intangible Cultural Asset No. 8] is an exuberant Korean folk dance where the dancers form a circle, hand in hand, depicting various parts of daily life in a traditional agricultural community. The ten sections of this piece are theatrical and tell stories of planting, harvesting, fishing, sewing, weaving, and other aspects of everyday life.

This fun, physically involved, theatrical dance piece is for all age groups and body types and everyone is invited to participate in this workshop. This workshop is for those who are interested learning more about Korean culture and especially ideal for theater students and students of folkloric traditions who may find this an opportunity to learn another form of ‘circle’ dance,

Historically KANGGANGSUALLAE is performed as a celebratory harvest or folkloric ‘game’ under the full moon of the first and the eighth lunar months of the year by members of the community. More recently the dance is commonly performed for the harvest festival {Chuseok}. Now, it is often performed for audiences in the context of a folkloric circle dance (rondo) in a theatrical setting for multi cultural events throughout the year.

Students who successfully complete all ten sections will be invited to perform at various dance events including LOTUS MUSIC AND DANCE performances. Please wear comfortable clothing and adult ballet slippers in leather or canvas, full sole (preferably in white). Please no shoes or sneakers.
Lotus Music & Dance
109 West 27th Street, 8th Floor. New York, NY. 10001
212.627.1076 (tel) 212.675.7191 (fax)

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re: Kanggangsuallae Workshop
By audge7 Comments: 22, member since Mon Apr 14, 2008
On Wed Sep 16, 2009 08:19 AM
Oh Wow! This workshop looks so interesting. Beautiful shots of the dance. Gorgeous choreography! Do you travel to other cities? I would love to attend but I'm so not living in NY.