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Absolute Beginners Korean Traditional Dance Class Every Monday at LOTUS MUSIC AND DANCE
By Princess_KarenPremium member Comments: 13, member since Wed Aug 30, 2006
On Sun Jul 26, 2009 08:41 PM

Absolute Beginners Korean Traditional Dance Class
with Song Hee Lee
Mondays, 6:00 – 7:00 pm
$5 observer’s class
$14 per class for members*
$19 for non members of lotus*

An OPEN CLASS for anyone with an interest in learning about Korean culture through Korean Traditional Dance.

Men and women of all dance levels, ages, and nationalities are invited and welcome to participate in this fun class! All dance and performance experience welcome. What matters are a Great attitude and a kind spirit.

We are having absolute beginner dance classes to introduce Korean dance to those who have an interest in Korean culture.

Students will learn the basic dance vocabulary of Korean folk dance and students who attend classes regularly will learn specific Korean dances / choreographies.

Students who learn and accomplish the entire choreography will be invited to perform in other festivals and events domestically and internationally.

Comfortable clothing, socks or Ballet flats preferred. No bare feet.

*Lotus membership is an annual payment of $15

Lotus Music & Dance
109 West 27th Street, 8th Floor. New York, NY. 10001
212.627.1076 (tel) 212.675.7191 (fax)