My tilt position !!
By sarisavo86
On 07/29/2009 00:47:07
Hi!! What do you think? Do you have advices?! The last one is just a funny pic taken at home in my swimmingpool! Hope you like! Kisses from Italy!! Sara
re: My tilt position !!
By longlivedance
On 07/30/2009 11:43:26
This is really lovely, I would kill to be able to hold such a position!! I agree with Alwaysonstage though about the hyperextension, I noticed it most on the first picture, but other than that, GOOD JOB :D LLD
re: My tilt position !!
By iDancer518
On 08/01/2009 15:01:41
Do you know how many girls I know who'd kill for a tilt position like yours? Lol I agree with Always though. Watch that hyperextension of the supporting leg. It can be damaging down the road. Otherwise, great flexibility. Lovely pics.

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