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Should I tango at 13
By Dancerina7 Comments: 20, member since Wed Aug 05, 2009
On Sat Aug 08, 2009 11:47 AM

I would like to tango, but should I do it at 13???? If not, what age should I start????

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re: Should I tango at 13
By barrefly Comments: 682, member since Sun Apr 18, 2004
On Mon Aug 10, 2009 11:23 PM
(From your previous posts)....
Ballet, jazz, ballroom/latin, tango, are really all over the place. Young diverse dancers are very rare. My daughter is 15 and is a very divese dancer. (ballet, jazz, hiphop, modern, flamenco, tap, salsa, w.c. swing, international ballroom/latin, argentine tango, hustle and theatre arts). The first time I tried to get tango lessons for my daughter (at 12), my parenting skills were questioned and I took some insults, then I was told to leave her studio and never come back.

Group classes are probably not a good idea (I only know of adult classes)...but the right instructor (one with a ballet background) for private instruction, could work out.
If you happen to be from the Los Angeles area...I could suggest the perfect instructor. (I could also suggest some great b/l studios).

Also, studying more than 3 to 4 dance forms at any given time is stretching it. Jazz and could stay with the group classes Jazz, for the conditioning and across the floor work. An occasional jazz "drop in" class for chroeo. work is good. i.e. The Edge or Millennium, here in L.A., ...but the should take privates. Once you get to an advance could move on to the next dance form. I currently spend about $1300 a month on privates for my daughter.
Being a diverese dancer will take a lot of scheduling. Avoid team and performance committments if possible. Also, being a diverse dancer will alienate you with the non-diverse dancer. You will have to deal with that.

The best of luck to you, and I hope to see you on SYTYCD...if it's still around. LOL