Inexpensive Net Based Studio Software Needed Badly
By teamup
On 08/11/2009 16:05:04
We are finally ready to get some software instead of acting like we are living in the 1970s! I need to get something right away! I need something that is net based (so that 2-3 of my staff members can access and work on things from their homes) I have looked into jackrabbit and the studio director and they look great but we cannot afford them. Is there anything out there that you recommend that is net based? Thank you so much!
re: Inexpensive Net Based Studio Software Needed Badly
By giselle138
On 08/12/2009 12:46:00
I use Triple Threat Dance Studio Software and really like it, it costs $299 for unlimited, lifetime use. I have not used it on more than one computer but I know that it has networking capabilities and the tech support is great. Good luck!
re: Inexpensive Net Based Studio Software Needed Badly
By strictlydancer88
On 10/02/2009 16:12:13
Compudance isn't net based. We use Studio Director and it's totally worth the monthly fee. I'm not sure of anything out there that is cheaper that will do what you're looking for.
re: Inexpensive Net Based Studio Software Needed Badly
By HSdance
On 10/07/2009 18:51:51
Hi there, My studio uses Dance Works. Are there other studio management programs that are better, Yes. However, if cost is a factor, you may want to check out Dance Works as an option. It has some very useful tools for accounting, school statistics, credit card processing, recital lineup creation and costuming, and best of all, you do not have to pay a monthly fee. As far as "net based," whichever software you purchase can always be accessed remotely using "" or "" Either of these services give you and or your office managers the flexibility of accessing the studio's computer from remote locations, i.e., your home computer, your notebook from Starbucks :), etc. Each has a free limited service and a fee based monthly service that allows file swapping between computers (one of my favorites: I can create a document at home and drag and drop it onto the studio computer's desktop for use by my receptionist later). As you can see, there are options other than the more expensive jack rabbit or studio director. Best Wishes, Jason
re: Inexpensive Net Based Studio Software Needed Badly
By BurntHombre
On 10/16/2009 14:58:34
You can have "inexpensive" or you can have "net based", but you can't have both. :) That said, I think a program like Jackrabbit or Studio Director is well worth the money.

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