ugh old?
By shinenfade
On 09/02/2009 01:47:09
I am 36...look about 18 and act it but yet I feel old...I mean like in my bones etc. my mom says it might have been from years of my anorexia caught up with me or is it? Maybe if I just get into dance again? Its been 10+ years since Ive been in any type of dance.
re: ugh old?
By PureTap
On 09/02/2009 02:20:21
I was in the same boat as you prior to last year (having a then 7 year old and 2 year old didn't help!). I started doing adult tap last year at the age of 39 - I started with one class a week and I'm now up to four classes a week. My body hasn't felt as young as it does now since I was about 19 - I'm in better physical shape than I have been for about the last 15 years and all the aches and pains in my knee joints that I had have just about completely disappeared. I'd definitely recommend getting back in to dancing - if not for the pure enjoyment of it, then for the flexibility side of things. Cheers Di
re: ugh old?
By Flashnflaky
On 09/08/2009 16:52:29
Right there with ya! No one ever guesses my real age (36). I have felt older than ever the last two or three years...found out I have osteoarthritis in my neck and I'm not really able to exercise right now due to knee problems, which makes the old feeling even worse! I realized how old I was feeling when everyone went out on a fishing boat this weekend, and I stayed in and read a book AND CROCHETED!!! LOL
re: ugh old?
By Slake
On 10/07/2009 16:53:22
Lets face it you get out of life what you put into it. Please do not feel old at 36. Heck if you double your age then you could at least say you had lived a long time. I am willing to bet if you pushed yourself for a couple of weeks you will find that your body still responds much in the way it did 18 years ago. We never get old until we give up. If you need some motivation or encouragement I got your back. I think dance would be a great place to start but maybe something new would make you feel new. I will make a few suggestions if you like,let me know....Slake
re: ugh old?
By geebranz
On 03/13/2021 22:49:02
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