Do you hate motorcycles?
By Irishdancegirl92
On 10/04/2009 09:27:15
I´m really hate motorcycles and motorcyclists! they are loud, obnoxious and underpowered.Ironically, the same can be said for most motorcycle riders.many motorcycle riders wear thin leather vests over bare arms and leather chaps over jeans that look more appropriate in an S&M gay bar while offering zero protection. So what’s the point? Dressing like a gay stripper is not cool.There is no reason many motorcycles need to be so loud that they could crack concrete and make children cry. There is no reason to blip the throttle just to piss off everyone with what sounds like the world’s loudest wet fart! and motorcyclists are naughty, aggressive,mean,rude,rapists,pornography lovers and drunk guys. i want all motorcycles banned. pirate´s ships are more cool than motorcycles!
re: Do you hate motorcycles?
By dancinqt5013
On 10/04/2009 13:28:46
[q]motorcyclists are naughty, aggressive,mean,rude,[b]rapists,pornography lovers[/b] and drunk guys.[/q] Um, aren't you over-generalizing motorcyclists, like, a whole lot? I honestly can't believe someone would be that judgmental over what kind of vehicle someone chooses to drive/ride. With regards to the leather, most motorcyclists wear it because it is wind-resistant and very durable. If they're riding really fast on the road, wind is blowing at them at extreme speeds. They need to protect their skin and leather is one of the best materials for that. The tighter it is, the better so that it doesn't flap and hit their skin repeatedly. Additionally, if a motorcyclist were to get in an accident and slide on the asphalt, leather is a material that is less likely to get ripped to shreds, unlike cotton or denim which would rip and expose their skin to the asphalt. So you're wrong. Leather does not "offer zero protection". It does a lot. I, personally, would never exclusively ride a motorcycle, but only because it's a heck of a lot more dangerous than riding in a car. But I still think they're cool. My cousin rides a motorcycle and absolutely loves it (actually, he has to sell it because he's getting married, which is kind of disappointing) and he is not loud, obnoxious, mean, a drunk, a rapist, or a pornography lover in the least. My other cousin rides a motorcycle too, and she even drove halfway across Canada on it to visit my grandmother, which is the coolest thing ever. And she's super sweet, laid back, not at all obnoxious. I rode a motorcycle once (like, on the back of one), and it was super fun. It was only for a short time, but it was still awesome. Almost like being on a rollercoaster. The wind blowing at you, the adrenaline rush, and I absolutely LOVE the sound the engine makes. I didn't even go that fast, but it was still really fun. You can hate them if you want, but gosh don't be so judgmental about it.
re: Do you hate motorcycles?
By Ally
On 10/04/2009 13:37:01
My former high school band director, that looks like Joe-next-door, rides a motorcycle to school every morning when it isn't raining. He lives in our neighborhood and lets my dad borrow it on occasion because my mom refuses to let him buy one. A math teacher from my former high school rode a motorcycle to work everyday. He has a wife and kid. Have you ever read about the Patriot Gaurd Riders? I would suggest you go read about them and you will find a whole new respect for motorcyclists. Yeah, motorcycle noises can be annoying, but so are loud cars. I find babies crying to be extremely annoying, but I would never say they should be thrown in trash cans because they are useless.
re: Do you hate motorcycles?
By Megan
On 10/04/2009 13:39:30
Is this a joke?
re: Do you hate motorcycles?
By dangslow
On 10/04/2009 15:20:43
You dont hate bikes, you hate posers on bikes. That's cool, nobody likes posers... As far as bikes? I've had a harley and a bullet bike, and I would much rather buy another bullet bike. Maybe if I wanted a cruiser I would build a Honda powered chopper, but that's a stretch. But yea, posers suck.
re: Do you hate motorcycles?
By Joanne123
On 10/04/2009 15:57:33
You should realize that just because some "bikers" are rude etc. it doesn't mean that ALL "bikers" are rude etc. My father owns a motorcycle.. and he is actually very, very quite. and he is not rude at all!(etc.) joanne123
re: Do you hate motorcycles?
By Caffeine
On 10/04/2009 18:21:23
My partner rides, and I am a pillion passenger, and I take great offense at the ignorant generalisations the OP has spewed. If I trusted other road users, I'd get a bike myself.
many motorcycle riders wear thin leather vests over bare arms and leather chaps over jeans that look more appropriate in an S&M gay bar while offering zero protection. So what’s the point? Dressing like a gay stripper is not cool.
Leather is thick, sturdy, as another poster mentioned wind resistant, and provides protection against gravel. The point is body protection. A full armored jacket is too hot to wear in summer (although I have one of them, too). I saw a girl on the back of a bike once in flipflops, miniskirt and tank top; a squid: if she came off, they'd be scraping her off the road and bringing her home in a baggie. Bike gear is for protection, not looks.
There is no reason many motorcycles need to be so loud that they could crack concrete and make children cry.
Yes there is. Motorcycles are loud so idiots in big cars with their music blaring can HEAR them coming and not flatten them with a sudden lane change. Motorcyclists are very vulnerable without the steel frame that car drivers have to protect them. Ever had an SUV pull into your lane without warning? Imagine that feeling without the safety of a car chassis to save you.
and motorcyclists are naughty, aggressive,mean,rude,rapists,pornography lovers and drunk guys.
You have absolutely no idea. SOME riders may be as you described, but others are businessmen and women, IT professionals, teachers, students, or parents who ride to save money on fuel and because they love to do so. MOST riders are safe, careful, law abiding riders who ride in a fashion to keep themselves alive. (choice of reading material is completely irrelevent)
pirate´s ships are more cool than motorcycles!
It's harder to commute in a pirate ship.
re: Do you hate motorcycles?
By Kekoa
On 10/05/2009 01:49:47
Ha! I love motorcycles personally, and I'm dying to learn to drive one. My dad has a Harley and is like...the funniest, most laid-back 50 year old hippie ever.
re: Do you hate motorcycles?
By Sumayah
On 10/05/2009 14:23:21
I'm not a fan of motorcycles only because I personally don't enjoy them. But other people on motorcycles, sure. Live and let live. I voted before I read your post and after I read it, I felt compelled to explain my dislike since for me it's a personal thing, not a general thing. Actually specifically it's the leaning, I'm just so (unreasonably) afraid I'm going to tip over. But wow, when I read what you wrote... It made me wish I had never opened this thread. Way to be judgmental and rude. You can dislike something and still show respect in your words. Man I 'd love to see you face the ROT Rally comes thru here each year. Thousands of bikers on the road and I must say, they're all very conscientious riders, very respectful of other traffic and the ones I've interacted with have been very cool people. So, no I personally don't like motorcycles because they freak me out (what little experience I've had as passenger on one), but I see nothing wrong with them for other people.
re: Do you hate motorcycles?
By ConUnaSonrisa
On 10/05/2009 15:04:11
I too am hoping this thread is a joke. Personally, I don't hate motorcycles but they terrify me. I don't want to ever ride on one (well maybe on a deserted road or something) and I honestly am thankful my loved ones don't have any. I admit, some of them look really awesome, but with so many careless drivers, just one little mistake and a motorcyclist is dead. That's not a risk I want to take with my life and I hope my loved ones don't either. I don't trust the other drivers on the road not to flatten me! My dad had a motorcycle when I was a baby but after he saw his buddy lose both his legs from the knee down due to getting run over by an 18 wheeler, my dad promptly sold his.
re: Do you hate motorcycles?
By Orion
On 10/05/2009 15:43:37
My boyfriend's dad used to ride a motorcycle. He's now a quadriplegic due to a moron in an SUV trying to run him off the road. My boyfriend's dad is also one of the coolest, most laid back, nicest people I've ever met. Your post was unfair and hateful. Stop with the stupid generalizations.
re: Do you hate motorcycles?
By SaraTheGrouch
On 10/07/2009 21:11:30
When I get the money, I'll be buying a Ducati 848. And I'll likely be wearing leather (or kevlar) because it'll PROTECT me from the road, should I happen to meet with it someday, not because I think I'm a badass that belongs in a porno.
re: Do you hate motorcycles?
By Snuffy
On 10/08/2009 06:07:28
^Awww, you guys are the most handsome couple of naughty, aggressive, mean, rude, drunk, pornography lovin' rapists I've ever seen. :) ...I'm not even going to dignify the OP's comments with a response!
re: Do you hate motorcycles?
By majere
On 10/08/2009 10:34:11
I don't mind them. Sometimes they scare me while I drive...
re: Do you hate motorcycles?
By novicedancer1991
On 10/08/2009 10:49:41
No, I don't hate motorcycles, although I would not want to ride one myself. I also don't think people who ride them are bad people. I have known some people who own motorcycles who are very nice.
re: Do you hate motorcycles?
By jacque_curran
On 10/08/2009 17:25:38
wow that is probably the most rude things I've ever heard of someone saying about something. I can't believe you'd say that especailly online where people are going to take offense. i don't mind motocyclists at all. i've never met one like how you described. b*tch
re: Do you hate motorcycles?
By DanaD
On 10/10/2009 15:12:03
My mother, father (before he passed away), aunt, uncle, and grandparents all ride motorcycles. As well as our closest family friends, and my mother's boyfriend. They all ride motorcycles. And they're not at all what you expect. My mother has ridden a motorcycle (she had a Honda) since she was 16 and in high school. She now owns 2 Harleys and my dad's old Victory. She is a very healthy, very active woman, who is extremely intelligent. My dad was the vice president of a major drilling company in our state. He came from poverty, yet just before he passed away, he was making over 1 million dollars a year. Almost all of the people I've encountered on motorcycles are amazing people. They are great people, with a lot of heart. They are extremely kind, loving, and responsible people. But, they just like to ride bikes. Who are you to judge someone, just because of what they do? What if someone was to tell you that you were, "naughty, aggressive,mean,rude,rapists,pornography lovers and drunk guys" simply because you loved to dance? Neither makes any sense. It's just like people saying every ballet dancer is anorexic...sure some dancers are, yet most aren't. I personally am not a huge fan of motorcycles, due to other reasons. Yet, I would never think of judging someone as cruelly as you have. It is simply ignorant and rude.
re: Do you hate motorcycles?
By DariusMiller
On 04/12/2021 02:11:46
I love bikes. I have Harley Davidson now and I enjoy it.

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