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Jazz and Lyrical Please!
By ballet_dancer4
On Mon Nov 09, 2009 02:47 PM


I'm a beginning teenage dancer. I have taken one ballet class but I am interested in jazz and lyrical dancing. So, I have a few question that would great if they got anwsered.

1. Is jazz and lryical too advanced for a late beginner?

2. What would i need to wear to jazz and lyrical class?

3. What is jazz class

4. What is lyrical class like?

5. Would lyrical and jazz, (along with private lessons) help my ballet technique?

Thank you! I'm so excited!

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re: Jazz and Lyrical Please!
By T_Dance_Girl
On Tue Nov 10, 2009 08:59 AM
1. No it's not too advanced you can join at any age. Just don't take the advanced classes.
2. Some people wear a leo with tights and booty shorts, but it depends on how strict the studio is. Oh, and jazz shoes and maybe foot undeez I don't know if you are allowed to wear jazz shoes in lyrical or not. But if you're just trying it out I guess you could wear ballet shoes.
3. Jazz is like an upbeat fun fast class that i'm sure you'll love. You do turns, and flexibility, but really what you think of it is different for everyone, so you just have to find out for yourself.
4. They ask for emotion so if you can relate to the song in any way that's good. But you do some of the same things in jazz or ballet, depenf=ding on the teacher and where they want to take it from.
5. Yes it would help your ballet technique, because you standing up staight head held high straight legged, or bent I guess depending on what you are doing, and dancing. The speeds will be way different but that's OK it will still help you.

Sorry it was kind of long :]


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