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Choosing leo: Plume P07 vs Bloch L5407
By darklove Comments: 26, member since Sat Sep 12, 2009
On Sat Nov 28, 2009 08:32 AM
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So, I'm getting a new leo for christmas and it is surprisingly hard to find.

It needs to be:
*white (often needed for performances)
*have shelf bra lining
*from (I'm bying some other stuff from there, plus they ship to norway without costing a fortune)

That leaves me with two leos:
Bloch L5407: . . .
Plume P07: . . .

If anyone have expirience with these leos or brands please tell me what you think:). I do not have the privilidge of trying them on...

I currently have this leotard . . . in medium, and i LOVE it, so if the new one has the same fit that would be really nice. What do you think about sizes?


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