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Lost Drawstring- Help- How to get it out
By kktt34
On Fri Jan 01, 2010 12:45 PM

The elastic drawstring on my ballet slipper got lost in binding. How do you get it out. My shoes is very floppy with out the drawstring.
Thank You for your Help.

p.s. I think we need a sticky about how to get the drawstring out of the binding.


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re: Lost Drawstring- Help- How to get it out (karma: 1)
By Iamalittlefishie
On Fri Jan 01, 2010 08:41 PM
There are two methods that I've used...

1. The Safety Pin!
This method works best when the drawstring is somewhat close to the opening, or you have some time to spare. It's nicer on your shoe, as well, and works better with flats that have elastic drawstrings.

Just open the safety pin, poke the drawstring that's in the binding a centimeter or so from its end at a 45 degree angle away from the opening. make sure you don't go through both sides of the binding.
This pin should look like this:
_______/______ 0 if the 0 is the opening, and the line the drawstring.

Then, with the pin still inside the drawstring, move the pin 90 degrees the other way, moving the drawstring closer to the opening.


Hold the very end of the drawstring that's inside the binding. Take the pin out, then do the same process over and over, until you've scooted the drawstring out of the opening.

2. Deconstruction
This is much less fun, but in some cases, you can combine this method with thesafety pin method and get results when a shoe is being really tough.

Pretty much, get a stitch ripper (easier than scissors, though you can use those too) and rip out the stitches holding the binding to the shoe up until you get the the drawstring. Alternatively, you can just do it half way, and then use the safety pin method to get the rest out.
Then, get some thread and a needle and sew the drawstring back on. This works better then the safety pin method for shoes with cloth drawstrings, which have always seemed to resist the safety pin method in my experience.

Also, once you get your drawstrings where you want them, you can sew them together or carefully down to the shoe so they don't go back into the binding again. Just make sure you use small, unnoticeable stitches that aren't too tough so you can undo them if you need to, and make sure you have the drawstring right where you want to. I used to do this so I could get rid of the "bump" from drawstrings in shoes when they hurt the top of my foot.

I hope this made sense, and someone can probably explain this better than I can, but good luck!


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