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Modern dance syllabus or terms
By Danz5678Premium member Comments: 34, member since Wed Aug 12, 2009
On Sun Jan 24, 2010 05:18 PM


Does anyone have a modern dance syllabus or vocabulary list that they would be willing to share? I teach dance in the middle school and I am starting a modern dance unit. I have a syllabus that I use that I would be willing to share as well. Thanks.


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re: Modern dance syllabus or terms
By Merle1 Comments: 106, member since Sun Jun 22, 2008
On Sun Jan 24, 2010 07:11 PM
I teach modern now for 3 now. I don't have a syllabus.
I do make a plan for my lessons (year by year, per group). What do I want them to learn, how fast and in what way.
Luckily I have a SO who helps me.

I have 2 books with exercises and vocabulary in it.
- Martha Graham: the evolution of her dance theory and training.
at the end is short chapter with exercises.
- The illustraded dance technique of José Limon.
exercises with pictures.

I would be interested in the syllabus you have.

Take care, Merle