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How do you lose your tummy?
By clumsyfeet
On Wed Feb 03, 2010 03:41 PM

Ok I know I'm not that bad, but I do want to lose a 2-3 inch thick layer of fat on my midsection. I love dance and I do workout alot, but it's been a year of becoming a healthy being. I eat well only 1600-1800 calories of nutrient dense food. I workout 5-7 days a week, but I still can't lose this fat on my abdomen. When I look around my class, all I see are lean girls. I know I can't look exactly like them, but I know I have lean muscle. I just have fat over it and I'd like to lose some of that layer of fat over my abs because at our recital this year we're going to wear shiney fabrics and well I'd rather the attention to be on my dance and not the fat on my stomach. So if you have an suggestions for a good aerobic excercise for a dancer, please tell. Thank you.


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re: How do you lose your tummy?
By AlwaysOnStagePremium member
On Wed Feb 03, 2010 04:41 PM
How old are you? If you're going through or just coming out of puberty then it's gonna stay until it wants to go. Keep being healthy and your body will take care of itself. :)
re: How do you lose your tummy?
By smileywomanmember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Wed Feb 03, 2010 04:49 PM
My only advise, is to continue to eat healthy and exercise. I don't know how old you are, but ultimately the only way to 'reduce a tummy' (i.e. reduce fat) is thru consistent aerobic exercise. Keep in mind that you cannot target areas to reduce fat. It's an all over conditioning process that takes time. There are also genetic factors that come into play. If you have a gym membership, perhaps a trainer could give you pointers on changing your workout routine. If you have access to an nutritionist to confirm that you have the right balance of foods also will help.

bottom line: There are no miracle cures.
re: How do you lose your tummy?
By balletloverrrr
On Wed Feb 03, 2010 08:24 PM
CCC!haha..pretty much
1.increase your cardio(eliptical..etc)
2.lots and lots of crunches&ab specific moves
3.maybe reduce/change your carbohydrate intake(fruit instead of crackers..whole wheat grains instead of white)

I'm not a pro in this kinda stuff but this is what works for me :)
You should also talk to a trainer & nutritionist..tell them your goal(flat tummy) and they will tell you what to do to achieve your goal.
Good luck & be patient..its a gradual process but if you keep at it you will see results :)) wow I feel like a
re: How do you lose your tummy?
By toroandbruinmember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Wed Feb 03, 2010 11:57 PM
As others have said, you can't "spot reduce". It can be frustrating if you get down to a healthy weight on the low end of the scale and are still carrying much of your portion of fat (which you absolutely need!) mostly in a place which is not your favorite location. But don't worry. If you have the muscles underneath, when you move you will still look good.

Many years ago when I was doing aerobics with videotapes to get in shape, I practiced with, among others, Rita Moreno's "Yes You Can". For young people who don't know her, she got an academy award for Best Supporting Actress in "West Side Story" and was a terrific dancer. On the tape she said that she had, and always had had, "love handles" which were impossible to get rid of; so if you're a good weight and have something like this don't worry about it. Well, if there were ever a dancer you thought of as not having excess anything on their body it's Rita Moreno! . . .

She grabbed that bit around her waist so you could see but otherwise you would never have noticed. What she had looked perfect on her.

Also, I have a couple of instructors who are in great shape but slightly on the hefty side, probably carrying more excess than you are. When, wearing light colors, they take a breath and go forward with a vigorous movement, wow! -- you can really see those core muscles ripple! Never mind the layer of fat. It's no more than one more layer of costume.
re: How do you lose your tummy?
By PinUpGirlmember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Thu Feb 04, 2010 08:59 AM
As others have said, you can't spot reduce. If you could, no one would ever get frustrated with their bodies. Assuming you're doing consistent cardio exercise and not just dance, then you're doing all the right things. If your body doesn't want to get rid of the fat, it won't. It sucks, but it's a fact of life. Even when I'm on the low end of a healthy weight for my height, I still have love handles and a little extra on my lower stomach.
re: How do you lose your tummy?
By HeatherJeane
On Thu Feb 04, 2010 02:16 PM
It sounds as if you're a healthy size and probably shouldn't be trying to "lose" anything. Depending on your teacher/school's dress code, perhaps you could wear a skin toned shaper to make the shiney fabric lie smooth. I wear a light shaper under my leotard frequently. I like that it gives my chest good support, hides the lines of my tights and makes everything look tidy.
re: How do you lose your tummy?
By RileyMoo
On Thu Feb 04, 2010 10:56 PM
don't eat at least four hours before you go to bed and do lots of ab focussed strengthening. it's my personal experience and secret. enjoy!
re: How do you lose your tummy?
By flyingwind66member has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Fri Feb 05, 2010 11:44 AM
you're 15? just concentrate on being healthy at your age... I had 'more of a tummy' when I was younger than I do now.

Like others have said, you can't spot reduce, having tone there definitely helps but the body gets rid of fat evenly all over.

Give yourself a break, you're still growing and don't think about things like dieting until you have stopped because that can cause major MAJOR problems when you are old! Like osteoporosis... see a nutritionist or a dietician (I think a dietician has more qualifications) and ask you doctor about your goals and probably see a personal trainer at your local gym and talk to them about your goals.

Bodies and horomones do all sorts of funky things when you are growing and, in my personal experience, I slimmed down after highschool and same with a bunch of other people I know.
re: How do you lose your tummy?
By loveballet101
On Thu Feb 11, 2010 02:32 PM
cut out more cardio (jogging, elliptical, intense swimming)...lots of abdominal work

the most important part is improving your diet, so cut back on fat (restrict your consumption of peanut butter, red meat, chocolate, dairy products that aren't low or nonfat..especially cheese and ice cream)
re: How do you lose your tummy?
By dancegal2member has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Thu Feb 11, 2010 08:34 PM
You can't spot reduce. Also consider if you REALLY need to lose weight. It is normal for females to have a little "pouch" on their lower abdomen - it helps with childbearing.

Try doing your cardio as interval training - burns more calories.
Make sure you are eating a healthy, balanced diet of protein, carbohydrates, fibre, and a small amount of good fats.
Once you get your body fat percentage down, you can work on strengthening/toning muscles around the transverse abdominus, rectus abdominus, pelvic floor etc. Make sure you do these exercises properly otherwise you will get abdominals that bulge out making you look bigger than you actually are. Pilates is good for this.
re: How do you lose your tummy?
By ex_gang_girl
On Sun Feb 14, 2010 06:03 AM
The simplest way is to reduce your carbs and do a lot of ab crunches, but don't get carried away and do some insane amount like 1000 a day. Also check with your doctor first.


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