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Awesome Dancer and Dont know it!!!
By slyfox713 Comments: 1, member since Wed Feb 24, 2010
On Wed Feb 24, 2010 01:06 PM

my friend is the one in the video and she thinks that she sucks at dancing... i think other wise... so please tell me what u think of her dancing!


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re: Awesome Dancer and Dont know it!!!
By Writer Comments: 21, member since Mon Apr 19, 2010
On Mon Apr 19, 2010 12:12 PM
She's got nice flexibility. I don't know her, but to me this routine looks like she did it with no passion whatsoever. Nice elements made with no energy and fire. Poor performance overall, WAY below her abilities.

Still - what that has to do with ballroom dancing?
re: Awesome Dancer and Dont know it!!!
By BlondeSophie21 Comments: 3, member since Wed Jan 06, 2010
On Sat Apr 24, 2010 01:07 AM
I agree. Her face is blank, so you don't get her emotional link to the dance. She looked really self conscious & that she doesn't enjoy the routine.
re: Awesome Dancer and Dont know it!!!
By Vikic Comments: 27, member since Fri Apr 23, 2010
On Mon May 03, 2010 01:50 AM
Partly in agreement with other posters, but not about her ability to dance. This girl can clearly dance to a really good level, I'd give anything to have her flexibility and she uses it well - beautiful movement. However, I agree she's not 'delivering' this and I guess this comes from a lack of self-confidence, you absolutely need to have confidence in your ability to be able to really 'sell' it and as we all know, getting the steps is one thing but it's only a part of the performance. She's a great dancer, beautiful and stunning, but needs to work more on becoming a performer. I dance ballroom and latin, and our teacher forces us to confront our demons and do lots of 'mirror' time, learning to look yourself right in the eye, believe it, sell it and perform. If she works on this she will move herself from being great to being excellent :)