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What to look for in a studio
By equalsum
On Fri Mar 12, 2010 08:25 AM

Hello all.

I am a beginning dancer and have been referred to dance by one of my friends to help keep my fitness up. My friend suggested ballet as a good beginning for core strengthening and flexibility (both things I need in my other sport, that being the martial arts). I was just wondering what does one look for in a dance studio and how do you tell them apart as most places near where I live require a small fee even for an introduction course. Economy being what it is I am understandably not wanting to spend any more money than I have to.

Any suggestions would be appreciated

many thanks.

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re: What to look for in a studio (karma: 1)
By rmdanceguy1
On Fri Mar 12, 2010 09:03 PM
Edited by rmdanceguy1 (145782) on 2010-03-12 21:15:23
I would normally say check out all the studios which interest you and take as many trial classes as you can to make your decision. However, if all dance studios charge a fee to take an introductory class I would narrow down to studios to just the most serious ones under consideration. A small investment in checking out more studios though may save you more money down the road instead of paying for classes you don't like. The way I look at a studio to decide if I will take classes I use several things as follows:

First, if I hear good things about a studio from students with whom I already dance I start there. If not, I go to the yellow pages. Check out their web sites to see if they offer classes you are looking for in your age and skills group. Not all studios offer beginner classes in all ages. They may have you taking class with kids several years younger than you.

Second, when I walk into the studio what is their attitude toward me as a potential new student? Are they friendly or rude? Guys are gold in a ballet class so they should love getting you in to talk about classes. The ladies and teachers will love you there and should really welcome you. I had one studio who acted like it was chore to come out and talk to me.

Third, the quality of instruction at the studio. Do they seem to know what they are doing? Is the teacher helpful, friendly, and open to the students for questions? What are the experience levels of the staff? Are they certified? Can the teachers control the class keeping it on task to accomplish what needs to covered?

Fourth, the driving distance to the studio. May I suggest not necessarily choosing a studio within a short radius of your home unless it is a financial hardship. The idea is to get the best instruction for your money. If a studio has a great reputation for quality instruction, but a little further away than this may actually be a better investment overall.

Fifth, the age of the studio itself. Is the building new or old. I took classes at a studio so old it had such bad uneven floors there were spots which were dangerous to dance in those spots.

Well, I hope this helps some.
re: What to look for in a studio
By equalsum
On Sat Mar 13, 2010 02:40 AM
All of your comments \are very helpful and are things that I will take in mind as I begin to narrow my search. As it stands now I'm still very much seeing what studios have trial classes before they require commitments. As soon as I have that list finalized, then I will take the rest of your advice and put it into action.

Thank you
re: What to look for in a studio
By dancingdawg
On Sat Mar 13, 2010 08:14 AM
Look for a class that feels good to you. There are studios that are not girly and have everything painted pink. Also go pay the walk in fee and take classes and several places and see what you like best.

Things to consider and it is your personal taste
Primarily Teen/Adult or Kids
Male to Female Ratio (prob wont be able to do much here)
Feel of studio
Attitude of instructor (If they do not jump to help you, go elsewhere.)
Cost (lots of places let guys dance for free.)
Dress Code (can make a better feel for you to not have to stand out, but you might also be wary of tights)
re: What to look for in a studio
By luv2plie
On Sun Mar 14, 2010 01:30 AM
Before you make your final decision on what dance studio to attend too...

Look for the class size, Are there other guys there taking ballet as well? Usually when a dance studio has guys in is a good indication that they love having guys there and are very encouraging to them. A dress code usually tells tyou that they are really serious in teaching you how to dance correctly!

Just my thoughts ....

Keep us posted...ok old are you? just wondering. I am currently 41 and I take ballet and Jazz.


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