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Just starting out?
By truworshiper
On Fri Apr 02, 2010 02:06 PM

I thought i would paste in this post the things i used to put out there for any dance ministry just starting out. I wish someone had it out there for me....So here you go!( Thanks Alicia Dudley! )

I always have more information on my website @

Just dont tell anyone i give free info here! lol

God-The Master and Creator of the Performing Arts
Psalms 102:25

As God has skillfully created the heavens and the earth with its vast variety of colors, purposes and functions, we are able to see and adore His artwork. In many of His creations, we see how they are able to move, applaud Him, and show forth His glory. Let’s visit a few examples:

• The power evoked from an erupting volcano….
• The display of might seen in a bright flash of lighting….
• The adoring wave of three limbs blowing in the breeze…
• The authority commanded in fierceness of a tornado…

In each of the above examples, we find that these creations are able to move and perform. What a wonderful gift that God has given us, His creation as well, in that we have the ability to move and perform, thus able to take part in His wonderful display of Performing Arts.

Dance Ministry

The ministry of dance is a powerful and exciting ministry of performing arts in which we are able to worship and display our love for God in our movements and expressions. The Bible clearly instructs us to praise God in dance (Psalms 149:3; 150:4). While any of us with the ability to move our limbs can dance before Him, we know that God fashions things to not only functions individually, but to also work together to bring Him glory.

Before we look at some key components of what the Dance Ministry is, let’s first think about what the Dance Ministry is NOT.

It is not…

• A weight loss regimen
• Something to do because it looks fun
• A toning program

The Dance Ministry is Ministry! Those involved in a Dance Ministry are in a position to impact the lives of those who are hurting, in need of encouragement, needing to hear from God, and/or seeking salvation, just to mention a few things. This ministry, as any other, is one that requires constant prayer, dedication, commitment, and desire to want to not just minister to God, but to God’s people. As the company consistently seeks God for direction, revelation, creativity, what to minister, and how to minister, not only will the execution of the ministry grow, but also the spiritual life of each individual will become stronger.


The objective of these sessions is to provide a basic overview of practices and processes of the Dance Ministry. These practices have been proven and have allowed us by the grace and mercy of God, to operate and minister effectively. We will cover the following topics:

1. Structuring the Dance Ministry
2. Building a Well Rounded Company
3. Rehearsals
4. Ministry Garments

The Structure of the Dance Ministry

Let all things be done decently and in order
1 Corinthians 14:40

Several times in the Bible, God shows us that His is a God of structure and order. Let’s look at some examples:

• The world we live in Genesis 1:2-6
• Set up of the Tabernacle Exodus 26
• Preparing for the battle 1Kings 20:13,14
• Offerings and Sacrifices Leviticus 1
• Music in Worship 1 Chronicles 25:6

The Dance Ministry is no different, and to ensure its success, order must be established.

A Well – Rounded Ministry

Along with prayer, there are a few things to consider when building the dance ministry:

Willingness to Serve

Individuals interested in being a part of the dance ministry should sincerely desire to worship and praise God in dance, have (or in the process of developing) a heart for God’s people, a supporter of the leader’s vision, and/or able to submit to authority and commit to the vision (members). Individuals should also process an attitude of excellence, and a will to give God their best.

Talent and Skills

While some have had formal dance training, many individuals possess the natural talent, ability and coordination to dance. Because of this, formal dance training is not necessary. Of course if there is someone who has had formal training, that individual can help to develop the skill of others. If one is willing to learn, and has the spirit of submission, excellence, and servitude, combined with some natural ability, God can and will provide the rest. When determining skill and varied skill levels, it is important to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of each individual ministry member. This will help to select the right people to minister the right dances.


The first practices are very thorough, asking each candidate to present:

• Impromptu
• Prepared routine
• Learn choreography

Each piece is very important as company members are selected. One may process the skill, but lack the creativity to create a routine. Another may have the talent but is unable to quickly learn a set of movements necessary to execute an existing routine. Another may be able to pick up the choreography but can’t execute and existing routine. Another may be able to pick up the choreography but can’t execute it with excellence. Through the audition process, all of this can be assessed up-front to ensure that the company will be well rounded, possessing the skill, talent and ability to effectively minister.

Some may feel that assessment is “too much” and should not be a part of the process, but let‘s use for an example the manner in which Esther came to be Queen.

Esther 2:1-4, 8-18

As you see, Esther did not just become Queen by happenstance or just because she expressed a desire that she was interested in the role, or even that she had received a word from the Lord, or a calling in their spirit. Although, we know it was the hand of God that placed Esther in that position, His methods for having Esther selected was similar to an assessment, for which she had to properly prepare; there was a formal process.


Give unto the Lord, O ye mighty ones, give unto the Lord Glory and strength
Psalms 29:1

Regularly scheduled rehearsals are key in developing a dance ministry. We cannot make the mistake of only practicing when something needs to be accomplished. This does not allow for skill and talent to be developed or perfected. Rehearsals must be consistent and on going in order for the ministry to thrive successfully.

Even if the team is not working on a particular routine or piece, it is important to continue to meet, rehearse, or practice consistently. The focus can be changed from working on a routine, to working on technical dance movements, strength and endurance training, fellowshipping, sharing from the word, or discussing matters that impact the ministry such as upcoming dates/events.

As mentioned previously, prayer is a vital and necessary component of the success of not just the Dance Ministry, but any ministry. There must be a leader who has a solid relationship with God and is able to hear and receive from Him regarding His plan, desire, and purposes for the company. Our rehearsals begin with prayer.

Each rehearsal also includes a full warm-up, properly preparing the body for physical activity, generally led by a skilled company member. The warm-up may be skill based, simple stretches, and/or involve cardiovascular excesses. In addition, other resources are also utilized for specially planned warm-ups, such as exercise videos (such as Tae-bo and Step training)

Depending upon the complexity of the routines or goal being work towards, the company may work on one or two routines during a rehearsal over an hour’s time. Afterward a cool down is led and the rehearsal closes with prayer.

Ministry Garments
Exodus 28:2, 3

As we see, God required specific garments for His priest as he ministered to His people and to Him. The Dance Ministry has specific garments for the ministry. We do not dance in street clothes, as it vastly diminishes the effect of the ministry. The only exemption is that the piece requires such.

In addition, other factors should be consistent such as nail polishes, jewelry, and, dramatic make up. Colors and Designs can be very distracting during ministry and should be avoided. The same goes for jewelry. A simple and easy rule to follow is no nail polish and no jewelry. The only exception is clear fingernail polish or a French Manicure.

With all being said, I would like to personally welcome you to Dance Gloriously before the Lord. I am very excited to work with you in every style of dance. God Bless You and I love you!!!


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