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Cruise Ship Auditions
Cruise Ship Jobs for Power Tumblers/Gymnasts, Swimmers, Divers;
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Rising Stars Agency
Corvallis, OR, Ukraine

Deadline: Fri Dec 31, 2010
Audition Date: hole year
About Rising Stars Agency
The "Rising Stars" talent agency was founded in 1998, in Kharkov, Ukraine with the objective of representing artists and partnering with hotels, cruise ships, casinos, theme parks and festivals around the world. Today, "Rising Stars" operates from the Ukraine and has expanded to the United States of America with a second office in Corvallis, Oregon. "Rising Stars" works with partners in: Russia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Norway, Portugal, Israel, Jordan, Kenya, Turkey, U.A.E., Oman, China, India, and Indonesia. "Rising Stars" represents nearly 1,000 performers of all genre's from every continent.

Cruise Ship Jobs for Latin Dance Couples, Dancers, Power Tumblers/Gymnasts, Original Circus Acts, Swimmers, Divers, Musicians;

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