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Dance Gear?
By JoshuaSullivan
On Sun Apr 18, 2010 10:46 PM

Hey Dudes!
Just wondering what my fellow brothers in tights wore to class. Or things you like to wear to class. I'm collecting information for an awesome website that will target us, so please be specific and thorough. The site is and it is going to be awesome when it comes online.
Tell me things you like and don't like about your gear, things you would like to see, give me as much detail as you please. Men of dance unite! Now is the time to speak your mind with the awesome endeavors from the BDT team!


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re: Dance Gear?
By Howtofallover
On Wed Apr 21, 2010 12:35 PM

Always good to see a new store/resource for guys in ballet!

For large group class (usually me being the only guy with a large number of ladies of a wide variety of ages). I go for t-shirt, footless tights (black or blue, white ballet socks and white, split sole, canvas shoes. And of course a dance belt (thong back).

For smaller classes, or individual lessons go for blue/white, cap sleeve, scoop neck, thong back leotard. With footed black tights and black split sole, canvas shoes. And dance belt (thong back).

Hows that for detail :P

Would like to see some more dance tracksuit bottoms/hoodies for men as well as better/more colour footed tights that are not as see through as most seem to offer. Quite a few companies seem to assume that women's coloured footed tights made ever so slightly thicker will do the trick. They rarely do!

Good luck with your endeavour.

re: Dance Gear?
By pondflyPremium member
On Wed Apr 21, 2010 08:46 PM
We're pretty formal, with the usual white top and footed black. However since there are only 5 of us including the owners son, we really have flexibility but we really don't over do it as to show to the younger ones the adults are not above them.

I'm using M Stevens for the the tights, Capezio padded belt, Sansha Pro split sole canvas, M Stevens and Motionwear for the top. I'm also looking at other brands if they are of good quality.

I'm going to need some general compression shorts for Pilates this summer and also when it is generally to hot in the studio. The track wear, jazz pants to quickly change into would be great since winter around here is terrible.

That being said you got my email about the other things the other evening.


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