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Pointe Seminar in Palmeston North. (and Auckland)
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On Wed May 05, 2010 08:43 PM

I just got this email and thought other people may be interested. I asked them about Auckland and they say that it will be at Love to Dance on May 29th at 2:30 till 5:30

a cut and paste from my email below:

A Little about Esther Juon:

Esther was born in Switzerland and trained as a classical dancer by Armin Wild and also at the Opera House, Zurich.

In 1972 Esther came to London to further her studies in dance. However she unfortunately suffered a very bad fall, which ended her career as a dancer.

Several years later she returned to the dance world as a ballet teacher and holds two teaching diplomas.
Naturally, Esther’s emphasis when teaching or fitting dance shoes, has always been towards preventing injury.

Remember that correctly fitting Pointe shoes will save your feet

Esther is an expert in the field and has written a book on the subject 'POINTE SHOE SECRETS'.

Nicolas Grishko came to London in 1995. Nicola’s was so impressed with Esther’s work he invited her to Moscow to fit Pointe shoes at the famous BOLSHOI BALLET. In recognition of her contribution to the safe fitting of Pointe shoes Esther was awarded a Special Diploma by the Diaghilev Association.

Research into the correct fitting of Pointe shoes continued in the U.K. with the assistance of her friend and adult pupil Lucy Redhead SRP, MCSP, MSc, lecturer in anatomy and biomechanics at the University of Brighton, and podiatrist Helen Morrell, M.Ch., D.Pod.M., C.P.S. (Sports Pod)

Esther Juon's articles were published in the 'Young Dancer' magazine, Dancing Times and European Dance News. Esther and Lucy have lectured at the British Ballet Organisation, regional R.A.D. courses, and the London's Children Ballet and at various ballet schools in the UK and Ireland.

In 1999 Esther’s work was presented at IADMS (International Association for Dance Medicine on and Science.

In 2005 Esther re-located to New Zealand. In 2006 Esther was invited by the British Ballet Organisation (NZ), to undertake a lecture tour of the North and South Islands.

This tour gave her an insight into the situation in New Zealand with feet and Pointe shoes.

Esther is now collaborating with Rachel Kyle DipPhty, MHSc, and Tony Snell from Plus Rehab to bring to New Zealand an education program for dancers, teachers



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