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Just a Reminder: Mod Reports and Removed Comments
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On Tue May 11, 2010 11:06 AM
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Just a quick public service announcement. As a moderator I personally make literally hundreds of mod actions a week. On a pretty regular basis, I'll get a PM back from someone who protests But everybody else gets away with x!!!! Why don't you do x to them too!!! It's not FAIR for you to single me out!!!!"

Here's the super-secret, hush-hush, covert reason why those "other people" don't get punished:


Believe it or not, the moderators do NOT read every post that goes on I'll occasionally trawl through boards I don't visit on a regular basis and clean things up, but going through hundreds of threads on dance costumes I'm not interested in buying (for example) is not exactly how I want to spend every evening.

If you get busted for breaking the rules, it does NOT mean we're out to get you, have a personal vendetta going against you, or anything like that. We don't have time. All of us have jobs, or kids, or church activities, or school, or any number of other obligations, so we really don't have time to be mad at you. We're not out to ruin your day by deleting your irrelevant comment off a "for sale" post, or removing a thread that doesn't meet posting guidelines. You may have several comments removed by a moderator in a row if they don't follow the rules, but only because that person is the only moderator online--not because we're hunting you down. And if you see other people breaking the rules, it doesn't mean YOU'RE entitled to break them either. So getting caught and saying "So-and-so does it all the time and they don't get their comments deleted / a ban / whatever!" is not a valid excuse or protest for your actions.

If you want to prevent your comment being removed, please read the stickies on the boards detailing what's acceptable and what's not. We don't give warnings; we just remove it. It's your responsibility to read the rules--it's our responsibility to enforce them. So if you don't get a warning and have something removed--please see the information about "personal vendettas" above.

So use the mod button if you see someone who's getting away with the same thing you got caught doing. We promise to take care of it with swift justice. :D


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re: Just a Reminder: Mod Reports and Removed Comments
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On Sun Jun 06, 2010 04:30 AM
Great post, Non of the moderators have time to go through all the posts!