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sex with my boyfriend
By mhcdancer
On Sat May 15, 2010 06:24 PM

so me and my boyfriend have been seeing each other for like 3 months now, and we have been talking about having sex. I'm 15 and he's 16. I know he is going to use a condom, and I'm going to take the day after pill just in case. I'm really nervous, and I'm so scared its going to hurt a lot. This will be my first time having sex, but he has already had sex. I know I trust him and everything and I want him to have my virginity. Do you guys have any pointers on how I can make it really fun for the both of us? Also, if you have any good tips about giving oral. I really want to give him good head, and make him very satisfied. So yeaaaa. haha. Well thanks (:

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re: sex with my boyfriend
By DefyingGravityPremium member
On Sat May 15, 2010 06:46 PM
Don't use the morning after pill "just in case." It's a MEGA dose of hormones and should not be used as a form of birth control—it certainly shouldn't be something you plan on using beforehand. Get on the normal daily pill now (or Nuvaring, or shot, etc...) so you're protected when you decide to have intercourse.
re: sex with my boyfriend
By Claritinmember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Sat May 15, 2010 06:49 PM
1) DO NOT take the morning after pill. This is specifically designed to be taken after a condom fails or unprotected sex has occurred. Get yourself to a clinic and get on the birth control pill.

2) How-tos are not allowed on

3) You've never had oral sex but you want to have vaginal intercourse with him? It seems like a lot of big steps to be taking and once and maybe you want to consider taking it a little more slowly.
re: sex with my boyfriend
By MuffinHeadmember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Sat May 15, 2010 10:04 PM
You should probably "work up" to having sex. Yanno... go through all the bases first.

Generally people don't make out and then put the p in the v. You're only fifteen. Don't take things too fast.
re: sex with my boyfriend
By forgetxmexnot
On Sat May 15, 2010 10:07 PM
I definitely second and third DO NOT take the morning pill unless an unexpected accident occurs. You don't want to take it. Believe me. Get on birth control and wait a month to have sex. It takes most birth control pills to take about a month/full cycle to be effective. It's good that you plan to use a condom though! Don't forget about it if/when you do get on birth control, or in the heat of the moment. You really do not want to experience a pregnancy scare.

Make sure you REALLY want to have sex with him RIGHT NOW. It's one thing to know that you want to give a guy your virginity, and another to know when. You can still plan on giving him your virginity, but wanting until you're in a bit of a better position. Realize that sex changes everything. It will change your life. I'm not telling you not to have sex because you seem somewhat responsible, and you're not going to listen to me if I do tell you not to, but just make sure you're really ready. Being scared that it's going to hurt is a sign that you're not ready right now. My first time hurt like no other, but I wasn't concerned about it beforehand at all.
re: sex with my boyfriend
By Coccinellamember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Sat May 15, 2010 10:33 PM
Slow it down, girl. It sounds like you are taking on a lot of firsts here all at once. The morning after pill is used as emergency birth control when another form of birth control fails, not as your second form of birth control.

Everyone else has pretty much summed it up but I think you really need to take some time and think about the possible outcomes of the situation. All of them.
re: sex with my boyfriend (karma: 1)
By MuffinHeadmember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Sat May 15, 2010 10:47 PM
Also... may I inquire as to hooooow you will be recieving the morning after pill? Isn't it true that in most states if you are under a certain age you need parental permission?
re: sex with my boyfriend
By ConUnaSonrisamember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Sat May 15, 2010 11:03 PM
^In my great state (TEXAS, for anyone who didn't know), anyone who's older than 17 can waltz into the local pharmacy and buy the morning after pill. I see that neither the OP nor her boyfriend are 17, but I'm sure they have friends who are.
re: sex with my boyfriend
By forgetxmexnot
On Sat May 15, 2010 11:06 PM
Yeah, the morning after pill is absolutely no problem getting nowadays. You only have to be 16 to get it where I live, I think.
re: sex with my boyfriend
By pokomember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Sun May 16, 2010 03:16 PM
When I took the morning after pill, i suffered from mass dizziness, nausea, and later on vomiting, and a severe migraine.

And do that every time after sex?

You've gotta be kidding me.

Go see a GP/Gyno, and get yourself on the pill.
re: sex with my boyfriend
By PinUpGirlmember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Sun May 16, 2010 05:16 PM
Yeah, in most states you can get the MAP over the counter if you're 17. If you're under 17 you either need a prescription or an older friend. That aside, it's not meant to be used as a primary method of birth control. I didn't suffer any ill side effects, but I think I'm the exception not the rule.

Get on the pill, wait a month, and then maybe start over. There are plenty of other websites that will give you how to's. I think is a pretty good one. There's really no reason to rush all this. This is something that you want to get right both from a physical and mental health perspective.
re: sex with my boyfriend
By VulcanIdiotmember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Sun May 16, 2010 05:22 PM
I wont say anything more about the morning after pill because everyone else has said it already.

I do have experience with your situation though. I had just turned 15, and my boyfriend had just turned 16 and we were together for one month when we had sex, we were eachothers first boyfriend/girlfriend. We were both virgins. While I am glad it was with him, I wish that I had waited. You may think you are mature now, but your not. Believe me 15 to 17 is a huge difference. You do alot of growing up. Not only that but he was my first boyfriend. Bottom line is I wasnt ready, and I really wish I would have waited, it ruined the innocence, and thinking back to that time I really missed out on that. Sex does change things. And I know your probably like whatever you dont know anything, because I thought the same thing, but this is my experience. I should have listened to my mother. We are still together after 3 years, but sex made alot of problems that we had to work through.

As for oral sex, or sex in general, you cannot expect to be an expert, or even good at it the first time around. Whether it is your first partner, or your 20th, everyone has different preferences on what they like.
re: sex with my boyfriend
By toji_667member has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Fri Jun 11, 2010 03:33 AM
I only have one tip and that is to communicate :)
re: sex with my boyfriend
By RowdyRoxymember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Sat Jun 12, 2010 05:04 PM
I agree with taking things more gradual. Get more experience with the pre-intercourse activities and find more out about each other's sexual responses. it will make the sex sooo much better!!!!!
re: sex with my boyfriend
By emilysmiles
On Wed Jun 16, 2010 08:37 AM
What I would like to say has already been said but just to clarify..
wait! do not rush sex, just for the sake of having it. Yes you may want to do it but think about it, if you are nervous you are not ready yet?

From personal expierience I definatly recomend you wait, I did not and thining back I really wish I had. You are 15 years young and have the rest of your life to have sex. You will know when the time is right because it will just happen and it will feel nice and you and your partner will both feel comfortable being with each other. You need to be comfortable in your own skin first and be comfortable being naked with someone before you jump straight into the deep end, it will meen so much more then.
hope I have helped
re: sex with my boyfriend
By Honeymember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Wed Jun 16, 2010 10:13 AM
^^Agreed. You have the rest of your life to do grown up things, keep your innocence as long as you can.

From personal experience, if you aren't completely ready or mature enough for sex, it can really screw up your relationship. If in a couple years you and your boyfriend are still together you might feel less nervous and scared. And if you aren't together you will be glad that you definitaly makes the break up less painful when you haven't had that experience with him.

Just think really hard about what everyone has said on here please
re: sex with my boyfriend
By dancingthrulife1
On Wed Jun 23, 2010 08:47 PM
I was talking to my cousin once about relationships in general and we got onto the topic of sex. His advice? Put it off as long as possible. Find someone you're totally committed to, and don't just do it for them. I had already planned to wait quite a while, but this coming from a 17 year old boy really atruck me. You're 15. Have a childhood. I'm close to your age and trust me- the more you do the more complicated everything gets. Every bad emotion is magnified too, not just how much you love him. I've seen it so many times, and I've dealt with it, to an extent. Just have fun- safe fun that doesn't involve so much emotional and physical stress.

And also, three months, while long for high school, isn't really long enough to be sure that you guys are going to last a while. You do not want to have sex with him at 15 and then break up 2 months later and have him telling all his friends about it.
re: sex with my boyfriend
By xBallet_babex
On Thu Jun 24, 2010 02:41 PM
I'm 22 and a virgin. I've had boyfriends and wanted to go further, but a lot of times something just didn't feel right, even after I had been with people over 6 months. The bottom line is that I have never walked away from a relationship wishing I had gone further or had sex and I've always been glad I didn't do more. I've seen a lot of my friends have regrets about their partners for various reasons to, especially when they started having sex young.What you do is your decision, but take your time and think about it. Three months might seem like a long time, but it's not and I think your relationship should have a more solid foundation before you start having sex, which will bring in new worries and problems. If he's the one you want to sleep with and if he's a good guy, he'll wait until you are ready and have a stronger relationship. Like ^ said, You probably don't want to have sex with him and then break up in a week.....


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