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House in NYC... blazing hot...
By SirBCKnight Comments: 19, member since Mon Feb 28, 2005
On Mon May 24, 2010 01:46 PM

In the last 60 days, 4 major battles, workshops, stage shows, yikes!

What's scary is that this is just the beginning. With House Dance Sessions every Friday (live DJ sounds from Saved By the Rhythm) @ PMT and great parties like Funkbox every Sunday, you're ready to build on your love of house dancing until you're blue in the face!

So stay up to date with what's happening in the birthplace of house dance and around the worlddd by checking in with The House Dance Project will be representing the US in World Dance Collesium in June as well as performing at EOF at the end of June. Also, coming to Moscow June 10-12, so keep an eye out, Russia!

Videos-a-gogo on and our youtube channel, thehousedanceproject.

More suprises come very, very soon...

I heart house dance...

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re: House in NYC... blazing hot...
By thedancecarnival Comments: 1, member since Mon Jun 07, 2010
On Mon Jun 07, 2010 04:24 PM
I had a far-out idea last year - posted it on some ballet forums.

It would be interesting to organize a TV show - a competition for the best classical choreographers in the world to come up with steps for EDM dancing - house , techno etc.

I guess it would be more interesting - at least for me - than current dance shows: "Dancing with the stars" or "So you think you can dance".

What do you think? Just thinking "out of the box" :).