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All this rain...
By dancegal14
On Wed May 26, 2010 11:12 AM

All this rain, and no one to kiss
It's times like these that make me miss
Having you there, to hug and to hold
But you let go when your heart grew cold
I let you in, you gained my trust
Then you said "love" when you meant "lust"
And now I'm left to wonder why
The thought of you still makes me cry
And I can't stand it, I'm going insane
Just wanting somebody to kiss in the rain

All this rain, and no one to kiss
Nothing could have prepared me for this
The feeling of loneliness pulls me in
I'm fighting a war I can't possibly win
So easy for you to walk out of my life
And leave me with sadness that cuts like a knife
But I'll put on a smile and tell you I'm fine
Cause you have gone your way and I will go mine
I'm stuck with a feeling thats hard to explain
And i just want somebody to kiss in the rain

All this rain, and no one to kiss
Guess all I can do is reminisce
About all the sweet things that you said
Your words refuse to leave my head
But now I know they were untrue
You didn't love me like I loved you
It hurts that I was so easy to leave
But I see now I was naive
And once I am through with the sadness and pain
I'll find a new someone to kiss in the rain.


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