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I am not cut out for swing dancing
By miraclefrmheavnmember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member Comments: 2068, member since Mon Jun 02, 2008
On Fri Jun 04, 2010 09:08 PM
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I am feeling so not cut out for swing dancing. Honestly, I just started dancing in 2009 and I know I have improved slightly. But I just feel that I'm not adequate enough to keep doing it. I'm not a good dancer. I come from a ballet, tap, pointe, and jazz background, not a swing dancing background.

It's really super hard.

That and I just found out I've got spurs on my ankles and heels and that really deters me as well. I used to love dancing and now I'm just kinda like well you can't afford it anymore so now why bother going at all?

Whatever is all I can say anymore. I thought these workshops I went to tonight would be really good and they were. The instructors were professional instructors and very pleasant and friendly, but I just can't catch on to things and my feet started hurting excruciatingly that I left after two hours.

I'm just not feeling very worthy of anything right now I guess. *HUGS* and *love* to you all.

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re: I am not cut out for swing dancing
By Tiggerpants Comments: 933, member since Fri Jan 05, 2007
On Sun Jun 06, 2010 06:44 PM
I dance only swing and find I go through peaks and troughs with dancing. When I first started I was there 7 days a week (no joke) at different classes, driving maybe an hour or more to get to another class or freestyle. I did weekenders two or three times a year dancing practically 24/7 the whole weekend. Then I went through a phase of just not wanting to be there. I felt like I wasn't learning anything new and if anything my level was going down rather than up.

Now I'm slowly getting back into dancing and I feel like I'm improving again even though I'm an instructor and I've been at this for 6 years lol. I've found that allowing myself a break has made me miss my classes. I've also found that trying out a couple of different styles of dance has brought my swing dancing back up again. Why not try something completely different and see how you feel for a while? I'm doing belly dance at the moment.

At the end of the day if you don't love what you're doing then don't do it anymore. Maybe you'll find you miss it, maybe you won't.

Good luck recovering from your spurs, you probably shouldn't be dancing for a while anyway if the inflammation is bad enough to cause that much pain. Rest up and see what you feel towards dancing when the pain is better.
re: I am not cut out for swing dancing
By miraclefrmheavnmember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member Comments: 2068, member since Mon Jun 02, 2008
On Sun Jun 27, 2010 10:32 PM
Thank you for your reply, Tiggerpants.

I have talked with one of the instructors of the group that I am with and he's been working with me on my foot placement because I misunderstood him the first time and thought I had to turn my foot around sideways on the 3 & 4 count instead of keeping it straight heading towards the middle of the guy's legs. I need to practice that more and then I'm having problems on the 5 and need to be taking a step back instead of leaning back with my back (if that makes any sense whatsoever to you because I'm confusing myself). I have serious issues with swing dancing as you can obviously tell.

And one of the professional instructors recommended to me when I talked with her when she was there that I do not practice routines at home. That I just practice the 6-count and the 8-count in various directions with no set pattern. She even recommended that I have someone pull me around and around in different directions and I just work on that. Because of the fact that I do come from a completely different dancing background, I know choreography. So she suggested doing these methods to help me avoid being a back-lead, which I think I might have done before.

My feet really hurt the most when I am standing on them for long periods (as in retail and at that workshop). I have read up about natural therapies for ankle/heel bone spurs so I am looking into alternative methods because now I think I've got a pinched nerve in my leg (and bone spurs can cause pinched nerves) because my right leg is numb.

It's one thing or another, I tell you. LOL! God will provide for me, I know he will.

Just wanted to give an update. Thanks again for your reply my friend. =D


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