studio software for Canadian studios....
By PattyO
On 06/09/2010 21:30:25
I'm trying to find software that works for Canadian dance studios?! I would also like to accept online payments but haven't been able to find any software that make this an easy thing for Canadian companies. Any advice would be greatly appreciated:)
re: studio software for Canadian studios....
By cmdc
On 06/10/2010 06:19:09
If the common companies (Jack rabbit, studio director) won't them up and ask them if they do know of a company that exists to serve your needs. I would think that the only thing that may not work is accepting payment. However, there are easy ways around accepting different forms of payment (USD vs. CD). I'd call them and ask about what the options are.
re: studio software for Canadian studios....
By Studioware
On 07/02/2010 08:51:13
Studioware will work for Canadian Dance Studios. In fact, we are located in Buffalo, New York (right on the Canadian/Ontario Border). Studioware allows you to define any number of taxes (such as goods tax, service tax, harmony tax, VAT, ...) and it calculates all the taxes and posts the financial transactions to the student accounts. Here's my previous post about Studioware: For more information, visit Thank you.

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