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Proud of my studio
By T_Dance_Girl Comments: 218, member since Tue Jun 30, 2009
On Tue Jul 27, 2010 01:58 PM

This year 4 students from my studio travelled to Orlando from Canada to the Candance nationals. We did well there and our SO's son won Jr. Mr. Candance! The preformance troup then travelled to NYC and 4 of our students won scholarships to go to the same convention there next year. Also in NYC the SO's daughter and son won 2nd overall highest mark in competition and a tap group won 3rd overall highest mark. I'm very proud of all my friends that did so well in their dancing in these places. Great job guys! :)

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re: Proud of my studio
By footundeez Comments: 72, member since Fri Feb 26, 2010
On Thu Jul 29, 2010 06:25 AM
Congrats, my studio was there also, great talent that week!
re: Proud of my studio
By irishdancingdog Comments: 974, member since Sun Oct 11, 2009
On Thu Jul 29, 2010 07:07 AM
Thats awesome- congratulations to them!!!