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Highland dancing T-shirts,tanks & Blankets for sale - custom embroidered for you and your loved ones
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On Fri Aug 13, 2010 01:43 PM
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Design your own custom designed dance/ sports t-shirt/ tank (whatever you want) or blanket in any size for your dancer!!Add your name and favourite image for just $19.99, all sizes, almost every color
Large microfiber fleecy blanket are $40 almost every color available.
Any design you want, Anything you want to write( The possibilities are endless- )
Add your own dance group logo, make your child or dance teacher a gift for Christmas or Birthday!! Represent your team with fashion & style!!
For more information please message me
Thanks for your interest

The possibilities with embroidery are endless, we can embroider bags, costume carriers, Irish jig skirts, Team outfits, towels, blankets, shirts, hoodies, You name it!!!