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Do you like my poem?
By iloveballet12
On Sun Sep 05, 2010 07:27 PM

The sun goes down over autumn day,
Night is here to forever stay,
Stars wait patiently for her to dance,
The forest is calm, the animals glance.
Perfect only in the night,
Where true dreams do come to life,
Tears of sorrow and tears of beauty,
Rush down her cheeks cold and sweet,
Leaping among the October leaves.
The moon seems to cry ‘Never let your dreams die!’
Yet they do seem to die as the sun begins to rise.
For when she dances she dances for the trees,
She dances for the snow, and the winter breeze.
For the summer heat and the flowers that are dying,
For the grace of this art that leaves her crying,
And as the sky turns blue, she rushes out of sight.
Forever to be known,
The dancer of the night.

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re: Do you like my poem?
By Ballerina1878
On Sun Sep 05, 2010 08:44 PM
I LOVE that!!!! Night time is my absolute favorite time of the day and dancing is my favorite thing to do. I also read your other poem, I think your really talented!! :)


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