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By MiGz1017
On Thu Sep 16, 2010 07:17 PM

Can anyone help me on how to go about making a telephone booth prob, on wheels maybe?..or if there's a site or something that sells props?

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re: Prop
By pondflyPremium member
On Thu Sep 16, 2010 10:19 PM
How sturdy do you need it?

This is just a quick idea of what can be done, and I can go into further detail if needed.
Take a plywood board 3'x3' 3/4" and mount some small swivel casters below.
Take a 1x2 or 2x2 and attach them under the platform to reduce the view of the wheels.

The base of the phone booth should have a 2x4 on the side attached from below three sides. Take four 2x2's and place them on top of the 2x4's upright to form the corners.

Every 2-3' run a 2x2 cross member to act as the "window frames" and also as a frame stiffener.
At the top of the booth, do a 2x4 frame just like at the bottom with a piece of plywood attached to the top.
At all the connections I strongly recommend gluing and putting T and or L brackets inside to reinforce the construction.

To do the door, make a frame out of 1x2's and use a closet hardware kit to act as a hinged door, again reinforce the connections.

If you choose to put "windows" in then on the frame sections, use a furring strip or very small quarter round molding and glue it to the inside of the frames.
Make a second set of the moldings but do not put them in yet.

Prime the prop and then paint whatever color paint you want to and add "distressing" if you need (hint, watered down paint and spray bottle to make it runny).

Get some thin plexiglass (not Lexan $$$$) and get the dimensions of where you want to add the panes at.
Score the panes with a plexi cutter and snap apart. When the booth is dry you can place the panes in and then glue the other moldings in place to hold the panes in.

To hold the booth in place, use rubber door stops around the base to prevent marring the floor.

Now that was the "cheap" version which should be under $150 to make. If you want something bulletproof, use unistrut brackets and hardware The outside of the frame would get covered with MDF or Luan to make it look like it is smooth.
This format will allow it to be taken down for later use.

I don't have Autocad on my Mac so I can't really draw it in 3D, but I could sketch something out if needed.
The drawback with this is that it is very expensive


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