Been a LONG time
By ccdance
On 10/10/2010 18:59:59
Hello all, Finally back online! Glad to be back and see who is still here and hope to meet new friends as well. I thought I would do a new welcome cause it has been over a year.... I am a dance and cheer instructor. I owned my studio for about 4 years before moving overseas. I now teach and run a second location for a studio.
re: Been a LONG time
By tumblebug
On 10/10/2010 19:45:52
Hey hey missed you bunches! I bet your little one isn't so little anymore! How have you been?
re: Been a LONG time
By CherryBee
On 10/11/2010 15:45:55
Glad to see you're back onboard!
re: Been a LONG time
By beachlover2
On 10/11/2010 20:42:22
Glad you're back!
re: Been a LONG time
By Danztchr07
On 10/12/2010 13:57:38
Yay! We've missed you! 10 yrs. old?! Wow, time flies! But then again in one month, my oldest will be 9,middle one's in kindergarten, and "the baby" is potty training and in the "I do it myself!" phase, so yeah. Can't wait to see some new pics!
re: Been a LONG time
By SpringsDance
On 10/12/2010 14:18:13
Hey! Glad to hear you are back. Sorry about the work think, but sounds like you are working tons. Tell your daughter hi - Em turns 10 in 12 days :( How times flys.

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