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Car just broke and money issues (X-Posted)
By Spiorad
On Sun Dec 19, 2010 09:43 PM
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Long story so please stay with me!

My red 93’ Manuel Ford Probe which I absolutely loved is now absolutely dead. I was driving on the freeway about 2 weeks ago, one of the pistons blew, broke the connecting rod and made a hole in the engine exposing the crankshaft. It needs a new engine and since it is old it needs other minor fixes so it is not worth it to fix in the long run.

Problem: I need a car. Public transportation where I live SUCKS and is not even an option.
My father (who is helping with this situation) suggested using the fund money my grandfather put away for me to buy a new car. The thing is I’m about a year (10 monthsish) from being able to legally use it as it is still under his name. I would need his permission. It is not the ideal situation as I wanted to use the money for law school when my scholarships ran out but right now I don’t even have a way to get to school.

My dad said option 2 was that he could give me his Pathfinder. Its about 24 years old (give or take a year) and SCARES ME TO DEATH. My dad is such a worrier that I cannot believe he would even suggest this. The windshield is about an inch from shattering. Both the side mirrors are broken (one completely one has ½ left), no air bags, it is so huge that every time I drive it I feel like any small bit of wind is going to turn it over and taking turns is horrible. Also, I CANNOT afford the gas on it. My Ford was a 4 cylinder that only needed to be fueled up every 2 weeks and I could only just keep up with that. He said he would fix it up a bit before giving it to me (it would cost no less than $1000 which is WAY more than the car is worth so I asked if he would be willing to put that money towards a new car and he said that he might be willing to do that).

Now option 3. My grandmother suggested that I buy from her and my grandfather the car that my aunt sold to them (she moved out of the country and couldn’t take the car). It is a 2005 Toyota Rav4 with about 28,000 miles. From what my dad has told me I would be paying them (out of my fund money) about $14,000. This is the blue book value but I’m not sure its worth that much. There aren’t any huge dents in it but there are significant scratches all along the passenger’s side doors. Also, it needs all new tires which at the very least is going to be around $400. (just for reference . . . <<<This is the exact same color and everything)

My dad is mad because he feels that I’m just being difficult to be difficult. But the thing is that I am upset because I KNOW that he would not pay the full $14,000 for that Toyota. And out of the two of us HE is the one who has more money! I feel like I want to make sure I am getting my moneys worth!
Now I KNOW that I am in no position to be picky but now that it is coming down to everything, with me paying for it and all. I’m going to put a few things out there.
1) I really would prefer a lower to the ground car. It is one of the things I really loved about my Ford, it was small, low to the ground, and I felt like I had a lot of control over it.
2) I prefer to drive stick shift. Not a huge deal but yeah, I do prefer it.

Now the car I was looking at was the Honda Civic Coup . . . . Manuel is less expensive then automatic but it still starts around $15,605 (according to the website for a 2011). I don’t NEED a 2011 but that’s what I have to go off from the website. Yeah it is almost $2000 more, but it is also a newer car and it is more what I am looking for. This is of course assuming that I am able to convince my grandfather to put the money in my name.
Now one more thing. My fathers girlfriend just bought a new Honda and when my father told their dealer this the guy told him whatever lowest price my dad could get for my brothers car here, the dealer in Colorado (where my dad is from) said he would give him a better offer. Now if I was buying a car as well, there is a very good chance he would do the same. Just something to think about.

And one more thing. As a general rule I do not like to do business with family. My Dad flat out told me it was one of the reasons he wasn’t haggling the price lower and I feel pretty cheated.

My last option if is to just tell my grandparents and my dad that for the next 10-11 months I will figure something out and then when I get the money put in my name buy a car (this is what my brother is doing now. He has been borrowing my mom’s and my grandparents car (the one I would be buying) for over a year because his car broke a while back). I REALLY don't want to do this because it would be so ridiculously difficult but if I HAVE to then I will have to find a way.

If you have managed to stay with me this long then a big THANK YOU!! I’m sorry if it is confusing but I really need someone who is completely unbiased to tell me what they think. What would be the best thing to do in your opinion? I feel like I’m being really rushed, and I’m not TRYING to be a pain in the butt but my brother has had OVER a YEAR to look into cars and everything and I only just found out YESTERDAY that my car can’t be fixed.

Also, I hope this is ok but I am going to X-Post this in the adults section because I feel that I might get some different viewpoints, but if I’m not allowed to do that, Mods I’m sorry and I’ll lock one right away.

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re: Car just broke and money issues (X-Posted)
By LoriCook
On Mon Dec 20, 2010 01:10 AM
Why are you looking at such expensive cars if you don't really have the money? I just paid $1500 for an older ford taurus. It came with new snow tires and has low miles, runs great, and I have money left over for repairs if needed. Look on craigslist, ask friends on facebook or whatever. Find yourself a car that runs to get you through until you have more money. I used to buy a new car every 2-3 years just because I liked to have a flashy car. It was a terrible waste of money. Invest in your future and save that school money!


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