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Lower body strength endurance seems poor.
By Newappreciation Comments: 2, member since Thu Dec 30, 2010
On Thu Dec 30, 2010 04:37 PM

Just realized I should have posted here instead.

Just started up with a new partner in ballroom. I have not danced in years. It blew me away how much my legs have wasted away. Finding my legs are not strong enough to be able to perform at my full out level for more than a minute.
I have gotten a bit top heavy since my dancing days. By top heavy I mean I lifted weights at home so my upper body is very muscular and strong but I did not have the smarts to keep my legs strong. I was surprised how much leg strength came into play when I lacked it. My partner has no problem with being able to hold lower body technique and forum for long periods of time so obviously her legs are stronger and she as much better lower body strength endurance than I do. I need to catch up. I don't think just dancing is going to be enough as I start getting knee and hip pain after awhile. Is physio the best place to start or should i go to a fitness trainer? Any suggestion on best leg excercises to start with. I found those leg extentions not to be to good on me.

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re: Lower body strength endurance seems poor.
By NonStopDancin Comments: 40, member since Thu Jan 13, 2011
On Mon Jan 31, 2011 08:37 AM
You can look into yoga and/or pilates exercises, particularly ones where you need to hold poses for 30 seconds +. You're legs and core will build density and your endurance should grow along withe flexibility. Like any strengthening, repitition is key; commit yourself to twice/three times a week for a 4 weeks to start. If affective keep going.

Good luck!