Shoe Elastic
By Buttonbox
On 12/31/2010 11:09:38
I have a new pair of ballet shoes and im not sure what to do with the elastic. All of the guides I have seen have two pieces crossing, but my shoes only can with one piece each. Should I buy some more elastic? Or do some shoes on use 1 piece straight across? I'm posting this here because I'm not sure if there is a difference between men's and womans shoes. Sorry if this turns out to be a silly question.
re: Shoe Elastic
By Hboy18
On 12/31/2010 12:14:35
Haha I had the same problem with my new shoes. At first I was just trying it in a knot and later having foot pain because of it. But it wasn't until after I talked to my now good friend from my ballet class that you are supposed to sew them together. She didn't really specify a specific pattern or anything. I guess you just do it however you feel is comfortable for you.
re: Shoe Elastic
By se81ballet
On 12/31/2010 13:53:32 This shows how to sew for one elastic. I always do it like this, unless I get shoes like Sanshas that already have 2 elastics partially attached
re: Shoe Elastic
By Buttonbox
On 12/31/2010 17:47:07
Thank you very much. All done now :)
re: Shoe Elastic
By balletkml
On 01/23/2011 23:33:43
If your shoes comes with 2 elastics, the elastics should be already sewn on one side, depending on the width of your feet, cut out the extra length and sew on the other side, with the other shoe exactly on the side, and mark where you should sew. Be careful not to sew the draw strings as well, so sew below the pipings for your draw strings. If your shoe comes with one elastic, just fold the back flat forward, the fold line should be where the leather or canvas meets the back of the soles of your shoes. The fold line at the side of your shoes is the spot to sew on the elastics, again mark it with a pen to locate the sew point. I use dental floss instead of cotton threads, the stitches stays tight and never loosens.

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