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Random photography...opinions wanted.
By Ras
On Mon Jan 10, 2011 01:43 PM

I love playing around with my camera and wanted to post a few pictures. I'm not by any means an experienced photographer, but I love it as a hobby. I welcome any comments! (By the way, I'm sure some of these shots are pretty cliche as far as subject matter goes.)

(The camera is a Canon Rebel)

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re: Random photography...opinions wanted.
By Kathymember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Sat Feb 05, 2011 06:49 PM
I wanted to reply to your thread since such a long time, but I sorry: I´m REALLY bad with finally deciding to do something...

1: I like the colour of your first picture, but I have the feeling it´s a bit too busy. There are too many things on the photo. Personally I think the lamps are the most interesting part of the photo, because they also look slightly antique and fit to the colour of the whole picture, so maybe it would´ve been better to cut off the cars.

2: not bad. but I´d love to give you some suggestions for this one as well. I would have cut off the white sky. It´s so bright and distracts a little. I would´ve also used a smaller aperture, to make the building a bit blurry so that the traffic light stands out more. (small aperture = high aperture number, huh - since you said you´re not so experienced yet this might force you now to look into the instruction book of your camera now. Don´t know how experienced you are, but if you don´t know so much about the manual of your camera I can only promise you that it is worth trying it out!)
3: hey, ballet!
4: that would be an example of a very high aperture (only a small bit is sharp, everything else blurry). ;) The photo itself I have to admit is not my thing. It´s the only one I don´t like though, the other ones I like. :)
5: wow, what colours! Maybe you could cut off the brownish part on top of the photo, because it does not seem to belong to the graffiti. Just a close up of the graffiti might be nicer maybe.
6: I really like this. Only suggestion: Only the right lower corner is sharp. Maybe everything should be sharp - or nothing. But that´s just a maybe. Would be worth it trying it out next time it rains.
7: aww, a bird´s nest. It always astonishes me how birds do that with just their pecker and feet. Photo is a bit unsharp and maybe a bit too centered (google "Rules of thirds"), but besides to that okay. :)
8: Leaves in water can look soooo pretty. Very well seen! Only suggestion: either go closer to leaves or choose a place where you have a really nice mirrored image from the landscape around you in the puddle. You allready have hints of both on your picture and this could be improved very easily.
9: my favourite. great colours, very sharp, not centered. YAY!

Overall: You seem to have an eye for interesting things around you. That is really good allready. Actually it is the key to really interesting photos. Techniqually there is room for you to improve, but that is something that everyone can learn (everyone who wants to learn it of course). SEEING things is something that not everyone can learn though, so it´s good that you have that.

my suggestion: continue to play with your camera. Learn the manuals. Don´t be scared to try out weird stuff. Your camera is a digital camera, you can simply delete a photo if it does not turn out well. I started with this camera btw. :)


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