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You Saw Her Dancing
By thatdancerchick
On Thu Jan 27, 2011 06:00 PM

This is an older poem, I wrote it sometime in the middle of last year and was hoping for some comments/critiques.

You saw her dancing in the rain
Barefoot and soaked to the bone
Her face tilted to the dreary sky
Arms outstretched, pretty pirouettes
Toes pointed in the puddles
Water flying from her dress
Head tilted back
She was smiling
And there was no music
Just the rain
But the way she danced
So light and carefree
You thought you could see music
Swirling around her body
And she laughed, so sweet
Like the song of a bird
And she closed her eyes
And you wondered why
She was dancing all alone

You saw her dancing the rain
Her hair plastered to her skin
Her damp skirt flying up as she twirled
And leaped towards the crying clouds
And suddenly she stopped and stood
Under the little drops
And you saw a light spark in her eyes
And suddenly you knew
The reason she danced
All alone in the rain
Was to let the rain
Wash her pain away
So she wouldn’t have to hurt

You saw her dancing the rain
And decided, this time, you’d try
So you took off your shoes
And ran barefoot through puddles
To dance with her in the rain
To feel the rain wash the pain
And you never hurt again


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