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I REALLY want my tattoo but I am SO scared
By Shhaan_Dmember has saluted, click to view salute photos Comments: 1159, member since Wed Mar 03, 2004
On Thu Feb 03, 2011 01:29 PM

Ok title basically says it all!

I have thought Long and Hard and finally have a design I want and definately want it on my foot!

I've chosen the tattoo place and heard many amazing things about it!

BUT I am so unbelieveably(sp?) scared of getting the tattoo, of the needle, of the pain!

I Know I want this so bad!

It is not yet booked but I am going to go in and visit the tattoo artist to let him know how scared I am and see what he will do to help me through this!

I just need some words of encouragement and maybe some personal stories or opinions :)

Thank You

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re: I REALLY want my tattoo but I am SO scared
By Lauretta Comments: 1048, member since Wed Dec 01, 2004
On Thu Feb 03, 2011 03:52 PM
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For me it wasn't as bad as I was expecting. Really. I inherited my mother's fear of needles so I was a bit worried about how it would feel but it didn't even register to me that a needle was going in and out of my skin while I was being tattooed. The needle is piercing your skin at such a rapid rate that you don't feel it, what I felt was something like a faint burning sensation and only towards the end (of a 2 hour sitting) did it start to get a little annoying. Even then, the end wasn't nearly as painful as i'd imagined the start would be!

I got through it by going to a great studio where the combination of the atmosphere (4 artists, a receptionist and this random guy who came in all talking and looking up youtube videos and all that) and this big interesting painting they had on the wall in front of the table that I was able to focus on different parts of to distract me made it so much easier. I think it's natural to be apprehensive, I had so many people tell me that the pain was never as bad as they imagined but until i'd been through it myself I couldn't fully take on board that advice.

My advice to you is to go and see the studio you're interested in and don't feel that you have to book there if you don't like it because if you are anything like me then you'll need the support of the people at your studio to have a good experience. Buy yourself some rescue remedy or something similar and use it before your appointment, that really helped me. I know it's not nice to be nervous but I promise you that you'll get through it and if you really want this tattoo then it will be worth it.
re: I REALLY want my tattoo but I am SO scared
By lundsay_lindzmember has saluted, click to view salute photos Comments: 3760, member since Fri Apr 16, 2004
On Thu Feb 03, 2011 05:14 PM
I went with my friend when she went for her first ink, she too is scared beyond belief of needles, and her artist numbed the area where the tattoo is, and to help my friend be at ease suggested bringing a ipod or something so she couldn't hear the sound of the tattooing
re: I REALLY want my tattoo but I am SO scared
By shannon13 Comments: 717, member since Thu Dec 01, 2005
On Thu Feb 03, 2011 06:51 PM
I had been contemplating a tattoo for 2 years or so. I was so scared of the pain that I would not be able to tolerate it. I thought I would start, it would hurt and I would not get the tattoo finished. When I finally decided to get it done I went in and talked to the artist. I was unsure if I wanted it on my wrist or ankle. I decided on my wrist but he went slightly higher up so it wouldn't hurt as much. I had hyped up how much I thought it would hurt when he actually started I told him he could put the needle in all the way...I thought he was easing into it. It did not hurt at all for me. It tickled a tad but nothing that I had imagined. I psyched myself out for nothing.