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What is/are your favorite belly dance style(s)...*more inside*?
By NOVA_ Comments: 46, member since Fri Dec 10, 2010
On Mon Feb 07, 2011 03:49 PM

I was just wondering what everyone's favorite type/style of belly dance was. What is it that influences or attracts you? Or maybe it's a folk dance from the region or surrounding regions that claim belly dance originated in their country (I know there is more than one country that claims this).

I'll tell you mine. I tend to like Classical Belly Dance like from the old movies up to the 80's. I like folk style influenced belly dance like Reda's troupe. I'm a romantic. What can you say? I also like the Beledi style belly dancing it so earthy, so relaxed and layed back and so real. And I like just about every folk dance from the region and surounding regions that claims belly dancing being originated in their country.

Well, that's mine. How about yours? I can't wait to hear everyone's responce!