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Yumiko dance leotard -- Igone style, size Large. $58
By mileseez135 Comments: 203, member since Sat Feb 05, 2011
On Sun Feb 13, 2011 07:58 AM
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Custom Yumiko leotard -- Igone style. Asking $58, plus $3 shipping.

Yumiko leotards last forever, look and fit great, but are hard to find! They can only be purchased at a few stores in the US -- or take 8 weeks to custom order!

This leotard is "Igone" style and made out of microfiber material (sweat won't show!). The bottom color is gray; the top is purple/blue (called "Sport"); and the trim is light blue (called "Splash").

Adult size Large. Like other dance wear, the sizing runs on the small side, so Large fits someone 5'5" and about 130 pounds.

Microfiber fabric with Bust Panel.

For more information about the Igone style leotard, see: . . .

Originally purchased for $67 (plus shipping costs) and took 8 weeks to receive.

Includes original packaging.

Returns accepted within 7 days (buyer pays shipping costs).

PayPal payments accepted.


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