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Audition Dutch National Ballet
By RosePremium member Comments: 9216, member since Sat Dec 30, 2006
On Sat Feb 19, 2011 06:00 PM

The Dutch National Ballet is a ballet/modern company. 80 Members, all nationalities. They perform the well known classics, but also work from Balanchine for instance.

They HAD an audition (over and out now) in January.
Seven hundred people wanted to come. Seven hundred. Like in 7, 0, 0. From all over the world.
130 Were invited for the first audition (a ballet class).
6 Girls and 5 boys were invited for the second audition to study a piece of repertoire.
One boy got a contract.
Three girls and one boy are 'on hold'. They will be called as soon as there is a job opening.

Just to give you an idea.