Boy En Pointe on NYC Times Square signs.
By fg_1977
On 03/04/2011 12:14:53
I came across this picture that was modified to show and give appearances of a young en pointe boy ballet dancer on the NYC Times Square billboards. The boy in the pictures came in 2nd Place at a major dance competition doing his ballet dance routine. There is a movement of some sort of young male ballet dancers going on pointe and doing original performances en pointe. I appreciate any comments on this.
re: Boy En Pointe on NYC Times Square signs.
By greenpumpkin
On 03/04/2011 14:29:35
I'm glad that picture did NOT make it onto Times Square. I don't care how many dance competitions he won, this dancer has many serious technical problems. No ballet company would hire someone to dance en pointe if their technique looked like this. No reputable ballet school would ever let their students be photographed if they looked like this. Girl or boy, doesn't matter. Displaying these pictures prominently would only serve to discredit the whole idea of boys en pointe. In the meantime... I would encourage this dancer to look into better ballet training.

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