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By nicolafisher Comments: 22, member since Thu Dec 30, 2010
On Sun Mar 06, 2011 12:33 PM

My dance teacher at school is really bad and I don't attually think she has qualifacations in dance. She was trying to teach us how to hip hop dance but she said locking was jumping but is it really????

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By mazie Comments: 772, member since Thu Feb 10, 2005
On Fri Mar 11, 2011 06:20 AM
No locking is not jumping. It's one of the many different styles that are involved in technical hiphop e.g locking, house, new jack, popping etc.

They all have their seperate origins and are very different. Unfortunately most teachers who teach "Hiphop" classes in dance school do not know very much about the separate styles, they tend to teach street jazz as hiphop and get a lot of the technical stuff really really wrong. One in particular is saying things like "lockin 'n poppin'" as strangely people seem to think they're same thing when actually they are very very differeng.

And example of locking is . . .
These guys are really good. You can see a lot of the locking style comes from funk influence of the 1960's and it gets called locking as you "lock" your body at the end of a series of moves (that's when they lock their elbows out and almost freeze for a second). You see they also do a lot of wrist rolls and pointing, and vary the tempo they dance at so they really play with the music.

If you want to learn locking find a good hiphop teacher, probably in a larger dance school in a city centre and check they know what they're talking about. They'll also probably teach other hiphop technique styles as well.
If you can't change dance school, or just want to know a few moves, the instructional videos on youtube aren't bad.

Hope that helps.