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Hip Hop Competition Help for School Dance Team
By ShowOff
On Tue Mar 15, 2011 11:20 AM

I coach the hip hop dance team at Virgil Middle School and have been wanting to expand our competition venue list this season, particularly because the schedules this season are just not really in sync with our schedule or each other.

I also want to take them out of their comfort zone and inspire them with other talented teams and routines rather than expecting to win and be the best all the time. We have done good fundraising this season but we have less event dates than usual.

We usual start competiting in March until June but this year we are really behind. Hopefully we start in April until mid / end of June.

Competitions we are familiar with:

SHARP International
(but this year their competitions are further from LA and they have no 6 Flags Magic Mountain and no Hurricane Harbor. Their Knotts Berry Farm competition is also the same day as

Miss Dance Drill Team USA
(they have 6 Flags Magic Mountain but my students didn't like the competition a lot, they were bored, said it felt like a pageant and would much rather go to SHARP Knotts since they are on the same day this year)

1st Impression
This is a small competition that is local and every year we are only competing against one or two other hip hop teams of any size. We like that it isn't too far but it gets too repetitive to do more than 2 of these.

Youth Services Competitions
(again, very, very small and local and we are associated with the non profit after school programs so we get to compete against the other programs in the area but it is no competition)

We did Anaheim Regionals competiton two-years ago and we were one of the only school teams. I would do this one again but I do not think they are ready this year. It is very motivational and more competitive. Prices aren't bad either.

Any competition suggestions or performance opportunity ideas for us?


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