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Need help with transitioning my moves
By Dither Comments: 1, member since Wed Mar 16, 2011
On Wed Mar 16, 2011 12:21 AM

Hey guys, been learning dance from scratch for maybe a month or two in total (sometimes quit on and off because I get so discouraged with my progress). I practice a lot of basics and am quite comfortable with the moves I have been learning.

I've been learning bboy (top rock specifically, just to get some basic footwork going), popping, tutting, etc, but I can't put anything together to actually make it into a dance. I just draw a blank, get discouraged, then quit again. The only thing that keeps me going is watching inspiring dance videos from other people.

Anyone have good advice on how I can make my transitions better? Should I just learn more moves until I eventually just throw it into a dance?

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re: Need help with transitioning my moves
By DancerGirl05 Comments: 276, member since Sat Nov 27, 2010
On Sat Mar 19, 2011 02:39 PM
Hey Dither,
I think the best way to become good with freestyle is to feel not think. For example, don't think about what move you are going to do next, but get a feel for the music and just move your body however the music moves you. A lot of people when they are first starting to learn how to dance will say "I don't know what to do to make a combination," but who says you even have to "know" what to do? Freestyle is completely different for each person in hip hop, although it does have it's foundational substyles. When I think of freestyle, I think of the Nike slogan "Just do it!" :) Hope it helped a little. Keep dancing, and I'm sure you'll be great!