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Choreographing a dance..I need some input/inspiration please!
By lafillemalgardee Comments: 13, member since Sun Mar 20, 2011
On Fri Apr 01, 2011 12:11 AM

I'm in an intermediate/advanced class (no pointe, yet!) and in May we each have to perform a solo that we choreographed ourselves. My teacher is very picky about what music we chose, ONLY classical. She suggested the Kitri variation for me from Act 3. Just the music, not the actual dance. I found a version played by Christian Matjias on the piano that's slowed down just a bit. It's so gorgeous and I feel really connected to it. Anyway, I'm having trouble coming up with a striking introduction that isn't too much like the actual Kitri choreography. I still want to keep her sass, but make it my own. Any ideas? I have everything else, just no intro. I would really appreciate any suggestions or inspiration or anything at all! :)

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