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Looking for Dancers to Network/Collaborate With (Atlanta-Roswell, GA)
By SophiaLauren Comments: 1, member since Fri Feb 11, 2011
On Wed Apr 06, 2011 11:32 AM

Hi. I am new to and am looking for new dancers to network with and possibly collaborate with. I'm 25 years old and relatively new to Roswell. I have lived in LA and Midtown Atlanta since 18 and moved around quite a bit.

I am a pole fitness & exotic arts instructor and program director at Street Studio Dance & Fitness in Roswell.
We are a budding new studio and our entire instructional staff (even for pole fitness and exotic arts) must be classically trained in order to be hired - So I know that this genre of dance is relatively popular yet very taboo at the same time. Its important as a studio we are able to bring elements of dance to every class. :)

I've been a dancer for 21 years and 3 of those were in the art of pole fitness and exotic. You can check out my profile to see more!

I love cross training into new genres of dance and would love to meet some like minded dancers and figure out new things that are happening around the city in the realm of dance.