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NY Throw Down - Poppin, Bboy and an ALL STYLE FREESTYLE Battle on MAY 1st
By NYThrowDown Comments: 1, member since Fri Apr 30, 2010
On Wed Apr 27, 2011 10:01 AM

Sunday, May 1 · 12:00pm - 8:00pm
St. Mark's Church in-the-Bowery
131 East 10th Street
New York, NY
Created By
NY Throw Down, Eric Cornett
More Info
We would like to invite you to our first New York Throw Down!

When? Sunday, May 1st 2011 from 12pm to 8pm SHARP!!

DJs SpInNiNg?
DJ J-Rod
And Vjuan Allure

Special Performances by Storyboard P (BK)

- 1 on 1 Bboy -
Host: Nemesis
Judges: Kom3 (Breaks Kru), Evade (Hybrid Crew), SamO (X-Fenz)
Pre-Lims, Quarter and Semi are all one round each
Finals will be five rounds

- 1 on 1 Poppin -
Host: TBA
Judges: Big Mike, Krazy Pop and YOU!!!! (The crowd will be the third vote)
Pre-Lims, Quarter and Semi are all one round each
Finals will be three rounds

Host: TBA
Nubian NeNe (MTL-ILC/IHOW),
King Aus (TX- ILC/IHOW/OMNI/GStyle),
Sheena Veracruz (Philippine All-Stars)
Wait until you see the music twist we have for this one!

This will be exciting – CALLING ALL WAACKERS, PUNKERS, VOGUERS, HIP HOP, FLEXIN, BRUCK UP, DOUGIE, GET LITE, HOUSE, MODERN, BALLET, TAP, LOCKERS, JERKS, TURFERS, KRUMPERS, POPPERS, BBOYS and str8 up FREESTYLERS!!! If you are ON BEAT, and at the of your game – you will advance to the finals…. regardless of the style.

Because of the venue’s restrictions, the event will end at 8PM SHARP…. battles will start @ 3:30pm SHARP… Registration will start at 2PM…. sorry for the time restrictions, nonetheless the event will be DOPE!!

Inexpensive ticket price for a PREMIUM event - $10 with a flyer, $12 w/o a flyer, $15 with a camera.

Our Goal - TO unite NYC dancers regardless of the style because at the end of the day we are all dancers moving to the beat. Give recognition to those that do not get the deserved recognition. Have fairly judged battles. And improve the dance scene by making you work hard, and getting you out of your comfort zone so you can grow! (more on that soon).

There will be an after party @ The Funkbox - Stay Tuned for more details.

Sponsored by RedBull - (free redbulls!!), Waack Nation (WorldWaackdanceMovement) and Jungle Gym Magazine

DONT FORGET TO follow us @NYThrowDown
AND FINALLY DONT FORGET TO REGISTER and check out NYThrowDown dot com (pm us if you want to be apart of the movement by blogging etc.)